Sildurs Vibrant Shaders 1.17 Best Settings

If you are looking to improve your Minecraft graphics with sildurs vibrant shaders best settings, this article is for you. In this guide, we will teach you the best video settings for sildurs shaders lite that you can apply to get the performance and FPS boost.

Sildur’s works great on low-end PC with some configuration for Minecraft 1.17 or newer versions. The guide can guarantee you 60+ FPS on Minecraft with the following configuration.

Best Settings for Sildurs Shaders 1.17 Lite

sildurs vibrant shaders best settings


Game Settings

1. First of all, make sure you have the latest version of sildurs shaders and Minecraft 1.17 or newer with Optifine Latest Version installed.

2. Now go to Game options, Video settings select the installed shader lite mod that you installed and turn off anti-aliasing at the right side.

3. After that, you need to turn off Specular Map and Normal map also to help improve your game FPS.

4. Rendering quality helps control the size of the overall game texture that it’s rending. Here are the recommended values for rendering quality for the best FPS.

Render Quality:-

  • 0.5x = low (fastest) Recommended for high FPS
  • 1x = standard (default)
  • 2x = high (slowest)

5. Shadow quality controls the size of map shadows of the texture used in a map. We recommend you try these shadow qualities for optimal results.

Shadow Quality:-

  • 0.5x = low (fastest) un-exact shadow
  • 1x = standard (default)
  • 2x = high (slowest) detailed fined shadow

6. Hand depth controls how far your hands are from the objects to the camera. For optimal shader settings, we need to blur the effects of hand depth.

  • 0.5x = hand near to the camera
  • 1x = default value (Recommended)
  • 2x = hand far from the camera.

7. Set the default value to the rest of the settings like Old hand light and Old lightning.

Shader Standard Settings

  1. For the best performance, set the bloom to OFF and Bloom strength to the default value under shader settings.
  2. Dept of field controls between clear and blurry effects when you focus on something. Turn off all the options under the depth of field for best performance.
  3. Now, set the Motion blur to ON and its strength to HIGH.
  4. Turn on Water, Caustics, Ice, and Glass effects under Reflections settings.
  5. Now, turn on shadows and set its resolution to Medium.
  6. For waving settings, set Animation speed to 1.25, Amplitude to 1.05, and turn off Waving tall grass.
  7. Under sky lightning, turn off Cloud. It is very important and has a major performance effect on the sildur’s shaders.

Detailed Settings

sildurs vibrant shaders

The recommended Shader values are as below.

Trees OFF
Fog Fast


Video credits:-

This guide guarantees 60 + FPS using the above-recommended settings in Minecraft.

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