Sildurs Vibrant Shaders MCPE 1.17

Sildurs Vibrant Shaders is a Minecraft shader tool that gives improved and advanced effects such as water shades, reflections, volumetric lighting, and much more. Sildur’s improves the game graphics while keeping the performance of the game untouched.

If you are on an old OS or hardware, sildurs shaders will work fine for you.

sildurs vibrant shaders


The vibrant shader has the following versions available for the game.

  • Light
  • Medium
  • High
  • High with Motion-blur
  • Extreme

System Requirements

  1. Get the latest version of the Minecraft game from the official website on any old PC with at least Intel HD graphics 4000 or later.
  2. Optifine jar file (required to install any shader pack)
  3. Shader pack e.g sildur’s v1.31 (your desired version)


Get direct download links to all shaders mods for PC and Mac without any waiting time. Here is the instruction manual on how to install the shader in Minecraft resources.

How to Install

Follow the step-by-step guide to install the vibrant mod and Minecraft.

Step #1: Download and install the latest or any newer version of Minecraft.

Step #2: Download optifine file then successfully run it with java.

Step #3: Run your Minecraft launcher then select the optifine profile that we’ve created in step 2.

Step #4: Now, launch the game, then go to Minecraft options or video settings.

Step #5: video settings > shaders and select the shader folder at the bottom of the page.

Step #6: Grab a shader pack of your choice and then upload it.

Step #7: Select my shader pack from the choice list then click apply button.

Step #8: Restart the game to enjoy new visual effects in Minecraft.

Complete List of Minecraft Shaders

1. Sildur’s Enhanced Default

enhanced default


  • Dept of volumetric lighting system
  • Complete support for Minecraft including night vision effects
  • Colored Shadows and color boost
  • Added Underwater shadows
  • Motion blur effects
  • Distance blur effects
  • Supports reflections
  • and much more…

2. Sildur’s Fabulous Shaders

sildurs fabulous shader


  • Bloom HDRR (high dynamic range rendering) effects
  • Cel-shading 3D effects make the shading more realistic
  • Better image processing with Tonemapping
  • Improved Antialiasing effects
  • and so on…

3. Sildurs Vibrant Shaders lite

sildurs shaders


  • Supports depth of field
  • Special motion blur effects
  • Improved lighting effects
  • Depth of a field makes the objects more clear
  • Special volumetric lighting effects & lagless shaders

Q1: Minecraft shaders (SEUS) 1.08 extreme what version are they?

Ans: Minecraft sildurs shaders extremepocket edition is the best version with volumetric light effects in the game. Make sure, it’s compatible with your game by running the test on Java.

Q2: How to install the MCPE texture pack on Android?

Ans: Follow the given steps to install it on your Android device.

  1. Download and install the latest FX file explorer app.
  2. Now, open FX file explorer.
  3. Download the .mcpack or .mc world file that you want to install
  4. Now, go to file explorer > downloads
  5. Find that mcpack or world file and click on import (to integrate to Minecraft)

Q3: What mod packs work with the shaders?

Ans: Not all mod packs will work with your Minecraft game. Please run it with Optifine and Forge it on Java.

Q4: How to turn on wetness in the optifine shaders pack?

Ans: To turn off wetness or rain effect, follow this.

Go to the shader options > game > Force wet option and change it.


Go to the video settings under the shader options.
Find the shaders > and under that, find shader options > Sky and lighting effects > raindrops effects. Turn it off to remove the wetness from the pack.

Q5: How to edit DMS sildur’s vibrant shader? Explanation

Ans: To modify and optimize the shader pack, follow the video tutorial by DanielPlays.

Q6: Sildur’s shaders flickers when jumping, how to fix it?

Ans: Check your NVIDIA graphics settings to resolve this issue. or disable the cloud shadows, cloud, lightning, smooth lightning, and cloud heights in the video settings.

Q7: How to fix the black sky glitch?

Ans: Turn off Metallic reflections from the settings to fix the sky glitch. If it didn’t work, update to the latest version.

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