Optifine Download

Optifine is an extension or mod of Minecraft that allows shaders to run on HD texture, graphics, and colors. These shaders are too low on resources and may work on intel HD graphics too. Most of the shaders including BSL Shaders, Sildurs shaders, etc work best with this mod.

optifine download


  • Double your FPS without creating any lag
  • Supports HD Textures
  • Supports VSync Performance
  • Able to control Fog (Fancy, fast, or off)
  • Antialiasing control (x2, x4, x8, etc)
  • Improved grass, snow, and water
  • Improved Nature Textures
  • Supports Fullscreen on the play
  • Day and Night control
  • Great customization and options for clouds, trees, sky, rain, water, weather, fog, etc.


Get the direct download links for optifine 1.7 or the previous version that supports all Minecraft’s newer versions.

OptiFine_1.17.1_HD_U_G9 Latest (Minecraft 1.17.1)

OptiFine HD U G8 (Minecraft 1.16.5)

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How to Install

  1. First of all, install Minecraft from the official website.
  2. Install Optfine .jar file.
  3. Exact and save the Optifine mod.
  4. Now, launch Minecraft and select the option “Environment“.
  5. Go to add > optifine mod file > select Ok.

Watch the full optfine installation video tutorial with any shader pack of your choice on youtube.


Video Credits: DenielPlays

Optifine 1.7 video settings