Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) Download APK for free

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a mini version of Minecraft for Android (APK) that brings love and creativity to gamers. It uses simple items to the luxurious castles in the game.
In Minecraft free APK, you can use unlimited resources with free rein. You can create different buildings, change day and night, adjust various options of your desire.

Minecraft pocket edition inside builds

Minecraft PE Maps

Minecraft PE building

minecraft PE APK Tools

In Survival gameplay, you can create structures, armors, and weapons of your choice using unlimited free resources. Survive either alone or play with your friends.

New maps, textures, and skins are added on regular basis on the MCPE Apk so make sure you check them.


  • Works without OBB Cache
  • Works on Android 2.3 or later
  • An updated version of APK
  • Multiplayer Crossplatform accessibility feature


Item Version
App Name Pocket Edition (PE) Android
File Name Minecraft Trial
License Free
Requirements Android 2.1 or above recommended
Author Mojang
Last Updated October 28. 2019
Languages English
Download v1.18 APK (beta version)


Q1. Is Minecraft PE Absolutely free?

Ans: Minecraft PE comes with free as well as paid versions. The PE v1.18 for Android is still in beta release. You can always test the PE (Pocket Edition) beta (trial) release on your android device for free.

Q2. What is the difference between Minecraft Default and Pocket Edition?

Ans: The standard Minecraft is the full-featured version of the game whereas the Pocket edition has limitations. in PE, you cannot install modifications, or connect to 3rd party servers.

Q3. How to purchase Minecraft PE from the Play store?

Ans: Step #1: Go to the play store and search ‘Minecraft Pocket Edition‘ or visit this link from your PC to download v1.18 then transfer it to your android phone.

Step #2: Click purchase and pay 7.49$ via your integrated card or of your favorite payment gateway.

Step #3: After the purchase completes, it will download the game on your android device.

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