Top Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name for New Bloggers

One of the most critical decisions for those starting a new blog is deciding on a domain  that the target audience will find interesting, memorable, and indicative of the blog subject. You must choose the domain name carefully because you will not want to change it later because it clashes with someone else’s, or you find it does not allow you to expand into new content areas. However, coming up with the perfect name can be tricky. Some handy tips you can use to think of a domain name you can live with forever:

Keep the Domain Name Short and Simple

Many users tend to think of complex domain names to show. How clever they are, but all users care about most is they should be able to figure out what the blog is about. The blog’s name should be memorable and easy to pronounce and spell. So they don’t make mistakes while typing it in the web browser. Since longer domain names are harder to remember and spell. You should limit the domain to one or two words or in terms of characters to fewer than 15. You can use online name generators to find short domain names.

Use the .Com Extension 

Even though you can choose from many domain name extensions, it is a good idea to stay with the .com extension because it is unarguably the most well-established and credible one. Many telecom internet users assume it to be the standard and use the .com extension as a habit when typing the domain name out in the web browser. If you use any other extension, many users will encounter an error if they have automatically typed in .com. Also, mobile users can use the built-in .com button on their keypads to access your site faster.

Include Keywords in Your Domain Name

Search engines use several ways to determine what the online content is all about and its relevance to the search intent. By including a keyword most relevant to what your blogs are all about, you can help the search engines identify your content faster and rank higher in the search results. However, since it can be hard to think of original but compelling domain names relevant to your content, it can help to use a domain name generator. If your blog focuses on local issues, then you can think of including a location keyword, says a report in Entrepreneur.

Make the Domain Name Unique

To make your blog popular, you need to make the name stick in the minds of your target audience. To ensure that your blog name is unique while remaining relevant to its niche, you should conduct thorough online research to find out the domain names used by your competitors. It will help prevent confusion among the readers and avoid the hassle. And expense of copyright infringement if your name is the same as someone else.


The best way of getting the choice of the domain tight is to think hard about options relevant to the blog content, Devising short, easy-to-spell, and memorable names that do not clash with your competitors