Top 10 Importance of Video Advertisements

In the age of internet marketing, video advertisement is a part of our day-to-day life. We see video advertisements practically on every medium ranging from television to YouTube to social media.

Video advertisements have become one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies. They are fundamentally short and crisp videos that provide information about a product creatively and innovatively. The sole purpose of the video advertisement is to promote products and services to a larger group audience.

If you are a brand owner and still dicey about whether or not to opt for video advertisements, you have come to the right place. In the following blog, you will learn about the top 10 importance of video advertisements.

  • Increases engagement on digital platforms

When you watch a video on YouTube, you will notice that almost every content starts with a video advertisement. It is a prime example of how video ads enhance engagement on various digital platforms.

The two most crucial elements of a video advertisement are:

  1. Sound effect
  2. Movement

III. Colour Coordination

Having the right content with a seamless balance between sound effects, movement, and colour coordination will give you a video advertisement to influence the consumer’s purchase intent.

  • Video ads induce an enormous click-through rate

Video advertisements essentially tell a story. This is the prime reason behind its higher consumer engagement rate. Similarly, video advertisements have much higher click-through rates than image or text advertisements. 

The Click-through Rate (CTR) is the ratio between the number of clicks on the video ad of your brand to the actual number of links you have shared. Video advertisements may seem a little time-consuming for the viewers, yet it has the greatest impact compared to text, image, or banner advertisements.

  • Increases brand popularity

Video advertisements are the sheer source of increasing brand popularity among its existing and potential consumers. As you add and showcase the brand name and the brand logo in identified colours this will reach the viewers on various platforms. If you want to make your brand popular, don’t think twice.

Video advertisements are a good source of popularity because if the viewers or your target audience like the creativity of your video ad, they are likely to share it as well. This way, the reach of the video ad increases, and more people get to know about your brand.

  • Generates a sales funnel

A compelling video advertisement will always have a good impact on overall sales. They generate and convert sales leads of a brand as they induce the consumers to visit the company’s website or application to purchase a particular product. It is done with the help of a powerful CTA at the end of the video ad.

Your main goal here should be to make the video ads short and convincing enough to readily impact the purchasing decision of the consumers. Also, there should be a non-disruptive flow in the video ad so that the consumers don’t get distracted.

This is also a mesmeric way of improving the product recall of a brand. Therefore, when making a video ad, ensure that everything mentioned above is taken care of.

  • Garners more shares

The best part about digital marketing is that it is the easiest way of sharing ads on multiple search engines and social media platforms. If the video ad is catchy and noteworthy, the audience will share the video ad on your behalf. This is why video advertisement is such a great way of reaching a larger group of people with minimum effort.

The high shareability rate increases brand awareness and opens door for communicating with consumers. Therefore, video ads have a positive impact on brand visibility.

  • Video advertisements are always device friendly

Marketers make sure that video advertisements are device friendly so that they can reach more viewers. It has been noticed that most B2-B consumers prefer video advertisements before making their purchases. Hence, device compatibility is one of the key elements you need to pay attention to while creating the video ad. It again brings us to how important CTAs are in video advertisements.

  • SEO benefits from video ads

Video advertisements have a great SEO advantage over other digital marketing instruments. With the proper keyword in the description and caption, video advertisements will help you have a great SERP performance score.

There are two main things you need to do here:

  1. Perform a thorough keyword research
  2. Embed the videos on your website

Having optimized video content will benefit your brand visibility to a great extent.

  • Easy to convey the brand message

Video ads make it very easy for brands to convey their messages in a concise and relatable fashion. The marketers insert educational information about the products in the video advertisements, which often effectively captures the viewers’ attention.

The inclusion of audio-visual aids to improve the deliverance of the brand message helps the brands to have a greater impact on the consumer’s purchasing decisions. Therefore, while making the ad make sure to incorporate the elements of emotion. This will help you connect with people and gain consumer trust.

  • Cost-effective

Making video advertisements is far cheaper than you think. It is also eco-friendly. You can easily make a video ad with the help of an online video ad maker which is very cost-effective and the features  of the ad maker are very easy to use.

Also, It is cheaper to publish video ads on online search engines such as Google, YouTube, Yahoo, etc. as well as on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The video ads are also popular for their flexibility and their great contribution during product launches.

Hence, it is better to choose video ads over expensive traditional mediums of advertisements.

  • Easy to measure success rates through analytics

This is the greatest benefit of video advertisements. As mentioned earlier, the CTR in video advertisements is the highest. Click-through rates or CTRs measure the success rate of a brand’s online advertisement performance. A CTR of 20% to 30% is considered ideal vis-à-vis online advertisements. A video advertisement readily increases the CTR of a brand’s link to its website or application.



While making a video, make sure that it is worth your audience’s time. It will work for their benefit as they will further share the video ad on various social media platforms. Along with this, highlight the purpose of the video ad. These days advertisements that have a social message are well-received by the audience.

Therefore, you can look up video advertisements that embed a beautiful social message in their ad campaigns. At last, all you have to do is make a credible video ad that compliments your creative persona.