Top Sight-Seeing Places To Visit In Brussels

Magnificent, ancient, beautiful, lovely, delightful, gallant, and grand are just a few of the adjectives that may be used to characterize this place… A long list of exclamatory adjectives is a need while in Brussels. Again, no words can adequately describe the magnificence of Brussels. While the city of Brussels, Belgium’s capital and the European Union’s cultural and historical centre, has some of the world’s most spectacular monuments, it is difficult to visit all in one weekend. 

Known as a European gem that offers scenic routes, delicious cuisine, world-famous chocolates, and much more to offer to its visitors. So if you’re on a holiday or planning a trip to this mesmeric country for a perfect romantic getaway. Without any doubt, start planning, book virgin atlantic reservations in any class and save up to 50% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. To make it easy for you, here are some of the best things to see and do while you’re in town. A few days in Brussels will let you enjoy some glamorously charming time.

Highlighting A List Of Best Places To Visit In Brussels And Things To Do:

It’s the Royal Palace, no doubt about it.

As a tourist attraction, it’s open to the general public for six weeks of the year. Currently, the Belgian King and his family reside there. It is a venue for international conferences, state dinners, and ceremonial events of national importance. The Throne Room, the Blue Room, the Hall of Mirrors, and the Goya Room are all situated on the first level of the Royal Palace, making them extremely interesting to behold.

The Royal Collection of Art Museums (Royal Museums of Fine Arts)

Every history buff should visit the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. There are four museums in this group: the Museum of Modern Art, Antoine Wiertz Museum, and the Constantin-Meunier Museum. The museum has opened a Treasure Room, which houses all of the museum’s most famous artefacts.

The Grand Place is a city centre public plaza.

The Grand Place is a must-see landmark in Brussels and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. The plaza is still as magnificent now as it was in the time of Victor Hugo, who claimed it was the most beautiful in Europe. The Grand Place is surrounded by 39 individual guild houses, several of which date back to the 17th century. The Grand-perimeter also includes the Town Hall and the Palace of the King. The Location’s ( Broodhuis ).

The chemical element Atomium may be found in the periodic table.

It was built for the Universal Exposition in New York City in 1958. In the midst of Brussels’ historic core, this structure demonstrates a modern architectural idea. It symbolizes the fusion of the old and the new. Due to its enormous size, it is possible to create the Atomium.

The Parc du Cinquantenaire in Paris, France, is a free public park open to the public.

As a significant tourist destination, the Commemorative Arch (a three-arched triumphal arch known locally as the Arcades du Cinquantenaire) is often congested with both inhabitants and tourists. Belgian independence from the United Kingdom is being commemorated by this monument.

There are Beer Museums all throughout the globe.

The beer of Belgium has become a cultural symbol in its own right. All around Belgium, including Brussels, you’ll find breweries and museums dedicated to beer. The Brussels Museum of Gueuze has a collection of beers from throughout the globe, as well as ancient recipes. You’ll be able to try a variety of beverages as well. Check out the city’s brewery tour options as well, should you want.

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time with Tintin.

You can’t go everywhere in Brussels without running across some reference to the world-famous Tintin comic strip hero. With the help of Google Maps, you can also go on a Tintin tour of the Hergé Studios.

See Eddy Merckx Station for further details.

A metro station on Line 5 is named after Eddy Merckx, the greatest Belgian cyclist ever. You may also see the bike he used to break the one-hour world record in Mexico on October 25, 1972, when he rode 49.431 kilometres in one hour and 41 seconds.

Go vintage shopping at the Saint-Géry Vintage Market.

The best place to find used items of all kinds, such as furniture, clothing, records, and much more! We visit this area every first Sunday of the month, from 12 p.m. until 7 p.m.

The Atomium is a great place to take in the view.

Like the Eiffel Tower, this historic monument was supposed to be temporary but has since become a famous tourist destination from which to see Brussels and the surrounding region.

Check out Mini-Europe.

The Mini-Europe park, which has more than fifty models re-created at a scale of 1/25th, allows visitors to see more than 80 European cities in only two or three hours.

If you’ve never been to Chocopolis, you really should.

There is a chocolate temple in the middle of Brussels. Chocolate Nation is not such an ordinary museum, it’s a museum of experiences. The only museum where you can taste no less than 10 different flavours of chocolate. As a tourist, it’s a must-see since it’s a treat for the senses!

In The Nutshell

At the end, we can say that Belgium is the dream of many travellers. With this list, you can experience to savour in this wonderful city. So what are you thinking about? Don’t think much and plan your European vacay with AirlinesMap right away and enjoy a personalized itinerary. Also, do not forget to share your experiences in the comments section below.