Guide to Secure Your Hats before Your Dance Performance & Tips to Store Them in Perfect Condition

Dancing seems to have a culture of its own. If you wish to be a part of a dancing group, you may accept and conform to their dress code. You will be accepted into a particular group of dancers, provided you wear the costumes recommended to you. More often than not, dancers particularly tap dancers wear hats to complete their look on stage. According to the Library of Congress, tap dance is known to be an indigenous dance genre in the United States that evolved over the past three decades or so.

Tap dance gradually emerged over time when people listened to and watched each other performing the art in the dance halls, social clubs, or the streets where dance steps were stolen, reinvented, or shared. The ‘tap dance technique’ gets transmitted aurally, visually, and even ‘corporeally’ between musicians and dancers. To master the art, mimicry is essential. The tap challenges are fiercely competitive. Getting your attire right is an integral part of the ‘performed battle’. Most tap dancers would love to complete their look with perfect accessories like leather tap shoes, white gloves, and a perfect top hat. However, they are always worried about their hats falling off their heads while performing the act. The stress could be overwhelming. Here are a few expert tips to ensure that your hat doesn’t fall off during your tap dance challenge.

Tips to Secure Your Hats during a Dance Performance

Buy Weather Stripping

Invest in weather stripping. It is not at all expensive, and you can get it at a local store easily. You may buy weather strips in packages for your entire team as that works out to be even more cost-effective. Moreover, the leftover weather stripping may be used for your next dance performance.

Apply Weather Stripping Strategically to the Hat

Cut out a small piece from the weather stripping you had purchased earlier. Apply it strategically to the inside edge of the back and front of your hat. It is easy and takes only a few seconds to apply the weather stripping once you have pulled off the paper. Hats for big heads or hats for girls with thick hair may be secure enough with just a strip attached to the front. However, if a dancer in your troupe has a relatively small head; it is safe to use extra weather stripping carefully to the sides.

Poke Holes on Each Side of Your Hat

Often lady dancers may need to gather their hair in low side buns. To secure the hat throughout the performance, you may consider poking two tiny holes, one on each side of your hat. Then just before the stage show, you may position the hat at the perfect angle. You may tilt your hat at an angle if required. You may poke the holes depending on the placement of your hat on your head.

Secure the Hat Well

Ask someone in the costume department to arrange a few bobby pins. Ask a helper to secure your hat by placing a bobby pin into the first hole with a wavy side down, at an angle on your right side. Next, ask your helper to insert a bobby pin through the second hole with a wavy side downward. Cross the second pin over the first one. Then follow the same process on the left side of your hat. It is better to sport black hats because the holes will not be seen or noticed easily in black hats after the dance performance is over. It is time to store your hat with utmost care for your next tap dance challenge.

Tips to Store Your Dance Hats

It is challenging to figure out how to store your dance hats after the performance is over. The size and shape of your dance hat should be considered before choosing the ideal storage solution. Most hats make the most of vertical space. You may hang your hat on your closet rod or over a door. It is better to use individual hooks or a wall rack. 

Make sure that your hats do not develop any creases as they may damage your favorite hat. For added protection from fading and dust, you may store your hat in a tight container having a lid. A robust box is best for preventing the hat from getting crushed. For keeping your hat in perfect shape, it is vital to bubble wraps or crumpled newspaper. 


All dancing divas and idols wear hats to complete their look and attract the audience’s attention. Michael Jackson, the legendary American singer, dancer, and songwriter was the most popular and the greatest entertainer worldwide. He flaunted a hat in most of his shows and gave away many of his exclusive hats to his fans at the end of a show. Dancers should perform with confidence on stage. Make sure that your hat is well-secured while you are dancing. It speaks volumes about your proficiency and mastery over the art!

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