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‘I want a holiday’. How many times have you uttered that sentence so far this year? For me, it’s got to be around 26 times (yep I’m boring myself as well as everyone else).

If you’re in my position but your bank balance is out to spoil your fun, then you should find this list of affordable adventures pretty interesting.

Here are 12 of our best value, week-long, adventures, meaning that you can get away from the kind of awesome experience you’ve been jealous of hearing about from your friends for the past few months. Share your travelling tips and get the chance to draw more attention to your account. Buy instagram likes and increase your social media visibility.

Which one’s caught your eye?

Escape the Grey on One of our Epic 1 week Adventures

Ecuador Jungle Living

7 days | Ecuador | £319

Stay with an Ecuadorian family in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Trek jungles, walk to huge waterfalls and experience a very different life, as a local.

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Beaches and Backwaters

7 days | India | £379

Fly in and out of Kochi and sample a selection of the amazing experiences on offer in India. Wander spice gardens, do yoga and stay with a local family.

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Learn Spanish in Latin America

7 days | Various Countries

Take a holiday and expand your mind! Learn Spanish in a whole host of Latin American cities including Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador. There’s no faster, or more fun way to learn!

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Thai Elephant Conservation

7 days | Thailand | £389

So, you get to help make a difference to the lives of wonderful elephants and get some sun on your skin while you’re at it. The perfect escape from reality.

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Ottoman Trek

7 days | Croatia to Turkey | £479

Travel east through the Balkans, enjoy the beauty of Istanbul, and absorb history and gypsy music as you make your way through to Split, Croatia.

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Atlas Mountain Trek

7 days | Morocco | £349

Wander through baron landscapes like a bedouin, sit under a blanket of stars, drink sweet Arab tea and enjoy camel rides through the desert.

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Bohemian Trek

7 days | Croatia to Prauge | £319

Travel from the glittering Adriatic coast through the Croatian mountains to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Then drive through Slovenia, onto the sophistication of Ljubljana and magnificent Bled with its abundance of adventure activity trips. Onto Bratislava on the banks of the Danube before arriving in the stunning Bohemian capital, Prague.

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Best of the North Island

7 days | New Zealand | £499

Kayak to remote beaches, visit authentic Maori villages, tackle the spectacular Tongariro 1 day trek and dance the night away in vibrant Wellington – all in 1 action packed week.

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Yosemite and Napa Valley

7 days | USA | £510

Hike Yosemite and Death Valley, sip wine in Napa Valley and try your luck in the casinos after being lured by the bright lights of… Vegas baby!

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Croatia Adventure

7 days | Croatia | £499

Sun, cold beers, bright blue seas and lots of beauty. Croatia is really stepping up as the place to go this summer. so don’t miss out on a second of the action – get involved!

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Scandi, Baltic Adventure

7 days | Finland to Lithuania | £499

Bargain hunt in Eastern European marketplaces, absorb the history and culture of Tulin, Stockholm and Helsinki and take leisurely bike rides through city parks.

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Discover Cambodia

7 days | Cambodia | £599

The perfect way to take in the best bits of Cambodia if you’re short on time – or money. Visit the awe-inspiring temples of Ankor Wat, take a sombre visit to the Killing Fields and get lost in the manic streets of Phnom Penh.

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