How to Unite Your Facebook Ads with Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Marketing is like a great dinner plate. It has some delicious carbs (pasta is our love language), a great source of protein, and healthy fats. Your marketing “dinner plate” should look something like this:

  1. Content Marketing

  2. Email Marketing

  3. Paid Media

  4. Search Marketing

  5. Social Media

And, just like any good meal, these elements taste best when the flavors complement each other. You don’t want to eat an English Trifle mixed with Shepherd’s Pie (unless you’re Joey Tribbiani). Make your digital presence known with effective strategies and minimal effort. Buy facebook likes and start your journey to success.

You want to eat something that goes well with the rest of your meal. What makes a great dinner plate is exactly what makes great marketing. 

Great marketing is an overall marketing strategy that encapsulates all of your marketing efforts into one mega-strategy that gets traffic and conversions. 

It uses your content strategy in your paid media and your paid media in your email marketing. It’s a holistic marketing approach that doesn’t just lead to traffic and conversions. It’s a more efficient use of your time, budget, and team. 

3 Questions That Will Unite Your Facebook Ads with Your Marketing Strategy

As marketers, we need efficiency. More often than not, we’re working on tight budgets, don’t have the time we need to get everything done that we want to (does anyone?!), and might not even have the team necessary to turn our strategies into reality.

When you unite your Facebook ads with your marketing strategy, you can repurpose content to avoid going over budget. You don’t have to worry about creating brand new funnels and testing them to get more traffic; you can let Facebook drive that traffic for you. And you don’t need to wait until you can add more help to your team to turn leads into customers.

These are the three questions we ask ourselves to make sure our Facebook ads align with the rest of our marketing strategy:

What content can you repurpose into Facebook ads?

The content your brand is creating for emails, social media, and content marketing can all be repurposed into Facebook ads. This is prime-time content because you already have data on it. If you saw a particular post get more engagement than usual when posted organically, then guess what post you should put some $$$ behind?!

You guessed it.

Here are a few ways to take the content you already have and turn it into high-converting Facebook ads:

  1. Take your most viewed blog posts and turn them into paid ads

  2. Find organic social posts with the highest engagement and/or conversion rate and run them as paid ads

  3. Use your highest converting email subject lines as headlines on your Facebook posts

We do this all the time. If you check out our Ad Library on Facebook, you’ll see that we repurpose high-performing blog posts into Facebook ads (that drive traffic to our website). 

Once a Facebook user clicks on that post and goes to our website, we can pixel them and retarget them with a free offer that requires an email opt-in.

What’s better than a copy that’s already proven to be a hit with your customer avatar? Being able to put money behind that copy and know it will be a hit with your paid audience.

Are you tapping into all of your funnels on Facebook?

If your Facebook ads are living on an island with their very own funnel to get a viewer from Point A to Point B, you’re sitting on a lot of untapped potential. It’s like sitting on an island hoping someone will come and rescue you without realizing you’re actually on a boat docked on the shore.

Let’s paint this picture to show you what you’re missing out on.

If you have a search marketing strategy that takes someone from Google to your blog post and to your offer to subscribe to your newsletter—that can be turned into a Facebook ad. Instead of having someone find you through search marketing, they can find you through a paid ad on Facebook, be taken to that blog post, and opt in to your email list.

How many of those funnels do you have?

We’d guess one for every single blog post on your website. (There’s that boat we were referring to). 

You can unite your Facebook ads with your marketing strategy by adding them to existing funnels. If you know something works, milk it!

For each of these funnels, you’ll be able to double, triple, or quadruple the amount of Facebook ads you can show your audience (bypassing ad exhaustion!):

Search → Blog Post → Subscribe = Paid Facebook Ad → Blog Post → Subscribe

Organic Social Post → Landing Page → Entry-Point Offer = Paid Facebook Ad → Landing Page → Entry-Point Offer

You’re sitting on funnels built out for other parts of your marketing strategy that can be copied and pasted over to your Facebook ads. Efficiency is the name of the game, and we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to do more with what we create.

Do you have an email list of hot leads?

Your email list is full of people who have proven they’re your customer avatar. They told you they’re interested in what you’re doing the moment they clicked “Subscribe.” So, why is this list just waiting for you to email them with the *hope* of turning them into customers?

There are more ways than email to nurture your subscribers. That’s where retargeting comes in. We’re not talking about the type of retargeting that’s based on a user’s behavior on your website.

In your Facebook Ads Manager, you can upload your email list and retarget them with specific ads. When we say specific, we mean that you can’t show them the ads you’re showing your cold leads who haven’t subscribed yet.

These subscribers see ads made for hot leads. These are ads that:

  • Tell them about your latest offer

  • Tease launches about products they’ve shown interest in

  • Give them exclusive discounts or access because of their subscriber status

Here’s how to upload your email list to your Facebook Ads Manager:

Just because your email list counts toward your email marketing doesn’t mean it can’t be united with your paid ad strategy. 

Unite Your Facebook Ads With Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Your Facebook ad strategy wants to be included in the delicious marketing dinner you’re cooking. 

Better yet—it’ll make that dinner turn out better than it could have without it. It’s like the added spice that turns your existing content into lead magnets, adds more traffic to your funnels, and nurtures the subscribers you’ve worked so hard to get.

Ask yourself these 3 questions to unite your Facebook ads with your overall marketing strategy:

  1. What content can you repurpose into Facebook ads?

  2. Are you tapping into all of your funnels on Facebook?

  3. Do you have an email list of hot leads?

This is how you create a holistic marketing strategy that repurposes your content, drives more traffic to your best funnels, and nurtures your audience until they’re ready to buy.