Nine tips to win with sports betting

When starting our adventure with sports betting, we must consider many conditions. You can try to bet on 22 Bet.

1- Good Bankroll management

It is possibly the most important aspect of betting, as good bankroll management is vital to success. In this aspect, we must avoid betting everything on a certain bet, keeping bad accounting, and making more investments… We will deal with everything in more detail below.

2- Control of the stake and determination of the unit of stake

It is related to the previous section and is another vital aspect. First, we must determine the amount we must invest in each bet depending on the degree of confidence we have in it (stake).

The stake is usually valued from 1 to 10, being the stake 10 (full stake) the maximum we can invest in a certain bet. There are several methods to calculate the amount that we must invest for each stake unit, depending on each person’s risk and even on their available bankroll.

– Dividing our bankroll by 100

– Dividing our bankroll by 150

– Dividing our bankroll by 200


Do we have a bankroll of 1000?

– If we divide our bankroll by 100.

Stake 1: 1000/100 = 10?

Stakes 4: 1000/100? by 4 = 40?

– If we divide our bankroll by 200

Stake 1: 1000/200 = 5?

Stake 4: 1000/200 times 4 = 20?

It should be noted that our stake unit will vary as our bankroll increases or decreases.?

3- Keep a cool head

Having a cool head is another basic aspect to have greater possibilities of obtaining profits. One of the aspects that should be avoided is trying to quickly recover the money that has been lost in a certain bet as soon as possible. That is a frequent mistake, which usually leads to even greater losses because it is usually bet on events without value.

Is it a vital aspect in this sense to bet only with money? What have you left? And not use money that is vital for your daily life.? Should gambling not affect your personal life.?

4- Search odds with value?

This is basic to obtain long-term profitability. Several aspects are vital when it comes to finding those quotas that have value:

Have a broad knowledge of the sport in which you will invest. From here? It is recommended to bet only on sports that we know as well as possible or follow tipsters who dominate that sport.

Try to find the bookmaker where the odds are higher.

5- Avoid impulse bets?

As we have already mentioned, one of the basic aspects is looking for odds with value and impulse bets against this rule.

You have to be especially careful with live bets where these impulse bets are given to a greater extent.

Intuition is not usually a good traveling companion in the world of gambling. Betting on intuition usually leads to failure.

Try to avoid bets where your favorite team or player is immersed unless you can evaluate them rationally and without overvaluing or undervaluing them.

 Keeping proper accountings in a certain event can be big and therefore having the money in several bookmakers can help us maximize our profits.

6- Use the house that best suits your needs

Is it an issue to discuss?

If you bet on tennis, it is possibly one of the houses you should have on your list of essentials.

For all this, there is no perfect bookmaker since it depends on each consumer’s preferences.

7- Be careful with the combined

One of the biggest problems for novice bettors is the abuse of combined bets. The combined ones are very tempting, especially when you hear acquaintances say I was right? a combination of odds 20, perhaps the question would be. How many did you miss before hitting that combo?

As we have mentioned before, there are no safe bets, and the risk increases exponentially by combining them. For this reason, it is recommended not to bet on combinations of more than two events.

It is important to keep an adequate accounting of the bets we are making for various reasons.

Know at all times what is the bankroll we have and so? to be able to carry out the consequent variations in our unit of stake. To know which sports are not giving benefits and which are giving us losses and try to solve the causes of our losses. Maximize profit.

8- There is no safe bet

It is one of the basic principles that must be considered. No bet is 100% safe. For this reason, it is advisable to properly manage our money and avoid making exorbitant investments or even bet everything on a bet (All-in). It’s the best way to lose everything quickly.

Thousands of examples demonstrate this theory, so it is recommended not to make bets whose odds are less than 1.50, with few exceptions.

 9- Diversify our bankroll in different bookmakers?

It is related to searching for the highest value or the best quotes. It is advisable to have the money invested in several bookmakers and not just one of them.

In certain events or markets, the difference in odds.