Five reasons why SEO is necessary for Business? 



The cannabis business seems to have jumped to the limelight recently. Many people are interested in getting their share from the market. However, the competition is stiff, and businesses need to devise ways to stand out. This is where SEO for the cannabis business comes in.  

What is SEO? 


SEO “Search Engine Optimization” is simply a practice to delineate/outline the various techniques or methods of optimizing a website to improve its visibility on Google. The main aim is to get the rankings of the pages of a website higher or even the highest on Google, thereby leading to more website visits. This automatically translates to more visibility and sales for the business owner.  

Search engine Optimization is solely about increasing/improving the organic traffic a website gets.  


Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant, amongst other names it is referred to. Extracts of the cannabis plant like CBD can be used for medicinal drug and recreational purposes. 

The legal standing of recreational and medicinal cannabis differ among states and countries. In other words, this means the advertisement of cannabis products remains hazardous. In the quest to avoid challenging regulations, companies have been required to use printed flyers, billboards, etc., which isn’t enough. SEO marketing would be a great help since discovery is the sole purpose of using Search Engine Optimization. 

Here are five reasons why SEO is necessary for the cannabis business.  

More Sales 


Having more sales won’t be a problem when you get your SEO right because this is one of the benefits of SEO in the cannabis business. It is very nice to have many people visit your website, but in the long run, it is just a number and doesn’t precisely yield anything to a business if it doesn’t improve sales.  

So at this juncture, it is necessary to bring up the right plan to turn the website visitors into customers. Having more sales is only possible with the right SEO practice. 

Besides, when you get high quality backlinks from Link Building you attract lots of people to your website, increasing sales potential.  

Using SEO to overcome harsh advertising rules 


As stated earlier, advertising cannabis is risky and even prohibited on various social media sites as it is not legal in some states and countries. Since the government does not support any form of advertising of marijuana in states where it is legal, there are some regulations regarding the advertisement of cannabis. 

Because of this, traditional advertisers and websites, like Google or Facebook, do not advertise cannabis. So in the bid to overcome these challenging and strict advertising regulations, companies have to use SEO to get their products out there for prospective consumers to see, patronize and learn about.  

SEO presents a way to overcome all these advertising restrictions and get your product before interested customers.  

More Website Visitors 


This can be considered as the main reason businesses invest in SEO. A cannabis business company requires this as it is essential for their products, considering the short leash of advertising options. Having a Search Engine Optimization that would bring more visitors to your web page is necessary.  

This is effective by enabling your website to be among the top five or the top website that would pop up on the Search engine. SEO is needed to drive more people to the company’s homepage to attract more potential customers. With more website visits, you have the potential of turning many visitors into paying customers. 

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Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem from Pexels 

Gain Visibility 

A cannabis business company can gain visibility by using search engine Optimization. 

Without SEO, there is a high probability that your website will be buried under the website with SEO credibility. Over the years, such websites have built credibility and established themselves as an authority. For your website to stay visible and be easily accessed by people, you need SEO for your business.  

Considering the short advertisement window for cannabis worldwide, it is essential to have all the visibility on the website. More visibility means more traffic and more opportunities for prospects to find your website when they search for something you have to offer. Visibility has a direct relation to your ranking; the higher you rank on a search engine result page “SERP,” the more prospects will see your website. With an effective SEO strategy, you can rest assured that Google will compensate you with good visibility. This is very important because web users don’t ever click past the first search engine result page.  

Web Traffic 


Increased web traffic is one of the aims of SEO, and you can increase traffic on your website when your ranking and visibility are increased. 


The number one spot on a Google search gets nearly 31% of engagement, and moving up by just a place in search results can also increase CTR by an impressive 30.8%. Therefore, if you want more people to find your cannabis website through a search engine, you should use SEO practices that will enable you to rank among the top five spots and then ideally number one.  

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To succeed as a cannabis business owner, it is best to use SEO to get ahead in cannabis. SEO is an essential tool that can guarantee your success in the cannabis business.  

The above-listed reasons should help enlighten you on reasons why you should invest in SEO for a cannabis business so you can enjoy those great benefits of SEO.