Know the Right Methods to Fall Asleep Quicker

Now when we have so many options to stay awake, insomnia is becoming a new-normal in the society. It is more like an irony but staying awake from choice is promoting the unwelcoming side-effect of lack of sleep. 

While the lack of sleep is something that we all have faced, insomnia seems to be the next thing that adults and youngsters are facing. The reasons are endless, so are the solutions. However, if you use the Holief’s products for a better sleep the issues can be addressed for sure.  

Since Holief uses natural ingredients and oils to the products you get boosted overall health with little to no side-effects on your health. Insomnia can be due to so many reasons, from stress to some ailment or medical side effect.  However, you can address it naturally and change the lifestyle that you are currently having. In this article we shall shed light on what are those methods that help you in dream sleep.  

Methods to Control Insomnia

If you are suffering from insomnia there are so many methods you can follow for sleep. From image practicing to mental mediation you have diverse options. However, if you are facing insomnia after trying out a common solution, you should consult your doctor. Below are some of the proven methods to help you out for sleeplessness, in general.

Remove Technology, Screen and Distractions

Technology such as the internet and cellphone drastically causes insomnia due to distraction caused by it. The modern technology has so much to do with insomnia however it seems difficult to shut it down completely.

Therefore before going be, you should avoid looking at the screen since the blue light promotes sleeplessness. However, you can listen to some calming podcasts or music to help you sleep. Use night mode on the device if you can’t abide using the device at night.

Keep Light Dim

If you are still wondering about What can I do to sleep?  It’s about time to dim your room lights. While sleeping is a process and you can’t fall asleep instantly you need to make the room environment that invites a calming effect. Moreover, change your room interior or color to a more blush or gray hue rather than tacky yellow to help you sleep better and faster.

Take warm shower

Taking a warm shower helps in sleep for sure. You can also add the essential oil to the water to help in the process and get a decent scent throughout the night. At night, taking a full soak or shower would help you 36% faster for having quality sleep.

Taking natural products

If you use the essential ingredients such as peppermint, menthol, rose oil or more it would help you the most. Holief products such as roll-ons, gummies, oral drops or more are better and have no side-effects at all. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and keep the insomnia a history.

Avoid caffeine

You may have already heard that caffeine promotes insomnia. That is true for reasons. If you have trouble falling asleep, carefully observe your eating habits. It’s recommended to no to take up caffeine six hours before going to bed. Not only that, the time of your tea should be at least 4pm if you usually go to bed at 10pm.

Keep in mind that coffee or tea is not the only source of caffeine. Chocolate mocha- or coffee-flavored protein bars, coffee- or chocolate-flavored ice cream, hot chocolate, certain baked goods, and soda also have caffeine to some extent. So beware about your diet intake.