Beginners Guide To RC Drift Cars 

A drift car could be the answer if you are looking for an exciting remote-control vehicle. It offers an incredible driving technique that counts on smooth tires and surfaces. It allows reduced friction and performs sideways slides with ease. Various cars are being designed specifically for drifting as it has now evolved into the hobby of millions across the globe. RC drift cars are one of the highest-selling products at hobby stores worldwide. 

What is Drifting?

Drifting is an array of controlled slides that allows an RC car to move around the corners and curves quickly. All four wheels of the vehicle grip the surface firmly. The driver knowingly speeds to cause friction loss for the car to slide. By precisely timing these slides with the help of controlled accelerating and braking, a skilled driver can slide the car easily around the corners and curves. 

The adventure of drifting cars

You can go on an adventure trip filled with excitement with your radio-controlled device. It’s challenging and gives you the thrill of a real car racing track. The spectacular view of The RC car on the move drives the audience wild. It is one of the easiest things once you get the hang of it. All you need to do is observe the functionality of all its components and how they function together. Once you know the car, it’s time to pull on the big cards. Learn the surfaces and driving techniques to drive your car like a pro. 

Beginner’s Guide: Know All About RC Drift Cars

Toy cars are ideal for beginners as they can be easily controlled with minimum traction. Once skilled with the controls, you can try your hands on more complex challenges. Many brands offer a wide variety of RC cars for beginners. 

  • Opt for one that is durable and has a powerful drift. 
  • Cars with two-channel pistol grips are easy to handle
  • Brushless motors in drift cars offer better efficiency, power, and quick drift at high speed
  • A three-way electronic speed controller works best for beginners. 
  • Ensure it has low-grip tires with front and rear shock absorbers. 

Choose a ready-to-run model rather than the hassle of building the drift car from scratch. RC drift cars make a perfect gift for all age groups and have various options available in the market. 

Basic Technique Of RC drifting

Once your RC car is ready and prepared with slick drift tires, the next step is finding a smooth surface where you can practice. The selection of the surface is crucial. Ideally, you would need an RC race track; however, you may not easily find it. Hence, opt for a smooth terrain, most probably indoor floors, where you can build your race track. If you can’t create track mark curves with cones in the area. 

Start with a basic curve and turn your vehicle in the desired direction. However, one needs to lose some traction to drift around the corners. To trigger a drift apply brakes right before the turn and turn towards the apex. Quickly accelerate so your back tires can lose grip. The rear end starts to slide. You have completed your essential move!

For additional tips, try interacting with fellow hobbyists at the hobby store or their online fan page. Consider checking RC drivers who have mastered drifting since you can learn much from their experiences.