How Does Attractive Design Boost Candle Sales Easily?

I’ll start by telling you something you probably already know: the candle industry is massive. In 2017, Americans bought an estimated $3.8 billion worth of candles from stores, with a large chunk of that spent on scented candles.

Attractive Design Boost Candle Sales

It is all because of the packaging the sellers used for their candles. That’s where Attractive Design comes in.

Can Lure Candle Customers

Some of you may think that the package of a candle doesn’t affect its sales, but what you are doing is wrong. Think about this for a minute: The reason why you would spend more for a name brand over an off-brand is because of how it looks. What if I told you that merely changing the label can make people buy your candles instead? You won’t believe me at first, right?

The answer is yes.  

Attractive design can lure people into buying your candles and getting them into stores. People who don’t really care much about fragrances would be tempted to buy scented candles that look very well.

The package design is the first thing that you see when you want to purchase a product. If it’s ugly, of course, it will affect its sales. Therefore, people need to focus on how to make the package design more attractive by using attractive colors and font styles such as sans-serif and serif.

Can Boost Price Tag

People usually judge the price of a product according to its appearance. When they see an attractive design on a product, they will think: “Wow! This is worth every penny. I should buy this.” So if you can design a package that gives customers a good vibe, it can attract customers to buy.

Can Make Customer Even Incentive To Buy

However, some of you may think: “This is just a gimmick.” But think again! Most people want to purchase something beautiful and expensive every time they see something nice and attractive. If you just make a package design that looks great but is relatively cheap, customers will be so enthusiastic about buying it that they can’t resist buying it even though they have a price tag too high for them.

Can Help To Boost Sales Even In Bad Economy

You have no choice but to think about the economy. If you can design a package that looks charming, you don’t need to worry about the bad economy anymore. When the economy is getting worse, people will try to save their money for purchasing a product. But if you make a package design that attracts customers and looks expensive, people will buy it even though they have nothing to spend anymore.

Can Boost Sales Of New Product

If you have some new products you want to sell, it is a good idea to design attractive packages for them. If the package design looks great and attractive, customers will think that the product inside is also beautiful, and it would be impossible for this product to be bad. Therefore, they are excited to buy it.

Because of its beautiful appearance, a product’s brand image could improve as much as possible with its custom printing design.

People Love To See Attractive Nature-friendly Packaging

Is having a nature-friendly and attractive packaging design get people to buy candles?

Yes, it will.  

The use of attractive packaging design can make you stand out over your competitors, which normally use common boxy designs. You can also make it more exciting by adding more detail to the package. They may include pictures and how the company was founded. People would think about this stuff when buying candles that aren’t so expensive. So this is what you can do in order to have a better chance of them buying your product instead.

It Makes Your Branding Easier

Having an attractive design for your candle packaging can help people remember you if they see your brand on the shelf. Make it easy for them to remember who you are by doing great packaging design. You should use it as it can Improve Brand Image easily.

More People Would Buy Products With Attractive Packaging

They may not actually buy your candle, but having attractive candle packaging will convince them to do so. What if I told you that a simple walk through the store could get them as much as 30% of your sales?

Selling products with attractive packaging is a good way to boost sales on certain items you want people to buy. It is because people like how well-designed your product is, which usually increases their urge to buy it once they look at the packet. Adding an attractive package design can bump up your sales by 35%.

The above illustration shows the effect of attractive packaging on increasing the sales of candles as well as arguments in its favor. You can also check candle ideas shared by Elite Custom Boxes to get the job done.