5 Secret Things About Custom Printed Counter Display Boxes Wholesale Packaging

Custom printed counter display boxes wholesale is a great marketing tool to boost your brand awareness. Nowadays, every company is using different strategies to elevate its product presentation. Moreover, customers only buy those products that look unique and creative. So, how should you make your display packaging boxes more appealing?

Packaging of custom counter display boxes plays a significant role in this regard. It does not matter what kind of items you are selling. If your packaging is not good, it affects your sales and brand image. Thus, to differentiate your boxes in the marketplace, select a versatile packaging solution. With endless personalization options you can easily showcase products in retail stores or on shelves.

Why Are Custom Counter Display Boxes Important?

Your consumers always expect something cool and stylish from you. If you make your custom printed counter display boxes wholesale eye-catching, they will choose your items. Apart from this, we know that the first impression is the last. Thus, consider making the appropriate packaging box to make a better first impression. 

An attractive counter display box helps buyers to remember your brand. Once you have impressed the consumers, your brand can easily stand out in the market. In short, you only need to focus on designing an excellent counter display packaging box. Furthermore, customized boxes provide extra product protection, thus automatically increasing profit. Besides the excellent packaging, custom-printed counter display boxes wholesale provides you with endless options such as, quality material, graphics, printing patterns, and creative styles. 

Therefore, it is essential to focus on every detail while creating the best display packaging box. 

Things You Need To Know About Custom Counter Display Boxes

Here are some features of custom printed counter display boxes wholesale that are known to a few people only:

Helps in Achieving Brand Recognition

In today’s marketplace, every brand wants to hold a top position. In addition, to achieve success and enhance your image among the competition, you must follow the latest strategies. When you achieve your goal and become a successful business operator, the buyers will purchase products from you. Renowned manufacturers are entirely aware of this fact.

Furthermore, it is also an excellent platform to get recognition among the target competitors. Display boxes are created in such a way that they have a large lid at their back. It gives you the benefit of printing all your business details on it. By this way, you can add your logo, brand name, and complete address on this lid. 

Besides, choose minimal designs and intricate patterns for the logo of custom printed counter display boxes wholesale. Make sure your logo is bold enough to attract the buyer’s attention. In addition to this, you can also imprint other elements, such as:

  • Slogans

  • Taglines

  • Specific images

  • Stickers 

  • Add instructions etc.

Above all features will give your goods a professional image that is vital for selling them.

When it comes to merchandising, there are some things that brands struggle with. For instance, they can only use so much space to promote a single brand. While this limits a retailer’s space, the brand can dictate where the display is placed. This is where a retail display box comes in handy. Not only is it effective in advertising your products, but it also helps you save space!

Provide Extra Protection With Inserts

A custom-printed counter display box wholesale is incredibly sturdy and provides extra protection against physical damages. Various products like cosmetics and candies etc., require extra protection. For this purpose, inserts play a significant role in holding the items in their place. It also provides maximum safety for fragile products. 

The main benefit of using the inserts is that they restrict the movement of products to their original position. In addition, the insertion inside the cardboard counter display boxes also provides storage space.


Whether you want to highlight your brand or showcase your latest items, wholesale custom printed counter display boxes are the best way. Many online packages have a box designer that makes the design process easy. Upload your graphics or use stock artwork to create a unique box. You can even add panels, text placement, and colours. Moreover, you can get a 360-degree 3D preview to make changes as necessary.

While choosing product display boxes wholesale, be sure to consider the overall height. The proper size will help display products well. It will also help you save money since the box won’t have to be delivered back and forth. The height of the box should be large enough for the items it will contain. You may also want to choose a custom-designed box if you’d like to include extra content inside.

Eco-friendly Boxes 

If you’re looking for non-toxic and sustainable boxes, choose eco-friendly material. In addition, you can personalize the box by adding a greeting message or a cute card to show how you care. Even better, eco-friendly boxes are recyclable, so you can use them again.

Custom-made eco-friendly packaging is made from kraft paper or cardboard. Furthermore,corrugated cardboard is the best packaging solution for eco-conscious and professional brands. Display boxes come in different shapes and colours, giving them a unique look.

Easy To Personalize

You can design cardboard counter display boxes in numerous sizes, colours, and textures with limitless customization ideas. Many companies offer customized display boxes to increase brand awareness. So there are no limits to the design of custom display boxes. You can even select the size that fits your product’s needs. 

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