Choosing a Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring

Choosing a Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring is a great choice for any woman looking for something that is different from the traditional diamond ring. It is a stunning way to show your partner how much you love them without making the ring look too bulky.

Pave halo

Those who love the shape of round diamonds will adore a pave halo oval engagement ring. This style is a popular choice because the pave set diamonds create a stunning halo around the center stone. This setting also maximizes the amount of light that will bounce off the diamond and enhance its brilliance.

Many celebrities wear pave halo rings. This style is often seen on Natalie Portman, Blake Lively, and Katherine Heigl. This style is available in a wide variety of diamond shapes and metals.

Some halos come with accent diamonds. These are small, delicate diamonds that are set close together and reflect light back in a field of shimmering brilliance. These accent diamonds can be pave-set in the band or on the band’s outer edge.

Other halos come with colored stones. These gemstones can add extra glitz and sparkle to a ring, but are not always budget-friendly.

The best way to get the ring you want is to speak to a jeweler. This person will be able to help you choose a ring that is exactly right for you.

Double halo

Featuring two halos of diamonds around the center stone, the double halo ring is a bold and elegant statement that oozes glamour. It is often paired with metal edges to hold the melees in place, giving it an Art Deco flair that is the epitome of sophistication.

The halo is a circular design of pave diamonds surrounding the center stone. The ring is crafted in 14k white gold. The diamonds are about a third of a carat, and have a brilliant buffed luster.

The best part about the ring is that it is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, custom made to your specifications. The ring is available in three metals – 14k, 18k and platinum, and comes with a lifetime warranty. The rings are made to order, and feature a unique 3 row micro pave diamond engagement ring. It is sure to please the bride to be.

The double halo is a nice way to show off the brilliance of your oval diamond. Adding the extra protection provided by the diamonds makes the center stone appear to enlarge. The floating double halo ring design plays with space, and makes the ring look both delicate and complex. The ring is also supported from underneath by the metal work.

Moissanite stone

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or a wedding band, a moissanite stone may be the best fit for you. It’s a stunning and durable stone that will sparkle and shine from every angle.

Unlike a diamond, a moissanite will stand the test of time. The most impressive feature is the stone’s ability to endure scratching and polishing. It’s also durable enough to be worn as a daily ring. It’s also a bit of a science: the best way to keep your ring sparkling is to avoid touching it a lot.

The moissanite ring may not have a traditional diamond halo, but it does have the most dazzling and elegant looking one. The stone is surrounded by diamonds in a cascading pattern. It looks fantastic when paired with gold metal.

The most impressive ring is a tad smaller than your typical moissanite stud, but it’s a worthy companion. The ring’s name is Reverie. It’s a classic that is inspired by willow leaves.


Whether you’re looking for a low profile Halo Emerald Cut Engagement Rings or just want to add some extra sparkle, a hidden halo can give you the look you’re looking for. These types of rings are a popular option. The diamond is covered with a small band that is either plain or with pave diamonds. The band can be made of gold, white gold, rose gold, or even platinum.

A hidden halo can make your center stone appear larger. The band may be thin or thick, and it can have a round, pear, or oval shape. The ring’s shape can also affect how high the halo is placed on the center stone. A higher setting will make it harder to find a matching wedding band.

A hidden halo can be a simple, elegant ring, or a fancy, sculptural design. In either case, the ring will feature a round center stone. The diamond will sit high enough on the band to allow the ring to be worn at a lower profile.