Buying Guide For Tennis Trophy

Buying a tennis trophy is a big deal and one that requires a lot of research. You’ll want to find a high-quality trophy with a good wood base and a shield. You’ll also want to find a cup that is sized to fit a specific player.


Whether you are playing in a tournament, in a league or just playing for fun, you will want to get a nice trophy after you win. Luckily, there are many wonderful trophies available, from cups and shields to striking and historic trophies. However, the quality of the trophies varies depending on the level you play at.

For instance, tennis trophies from the Grand Slam tournaments are very prestigious, and many people look forward to getting one. Each year, the winners of these tournaments receive replica trophies, as well as historical trophies. Occasionally, these events even revise the design of their trophies. The trophies are engraved with the name of the winner each year.

Some smaller tournaments do not provide trophies, but some do. There are also several events, like the Antwerp Tennis Tournament, which offers valuable trophies to multiple winners. For example, Ivan Lendl won the first racket in 1985 and Amelie Mauresmo won the women’s equivalent in 2007. There are a number of great tennis trophies to choose from, and you should be able to find the perfect trophy for you.


Among the Shields for tennis trophy options, the Tennis Trophy Gold Shield is a popular choice. It features a striking gold finish and a corresponding engraved plate. This award is available in three sizes to suit your budget and requirements.

The Resin Tennis Ball Mini Shield Award is a great way to celebrate your tennis achievement. It’s 95mm high and features a colorful medallion insert. It’s also available in antique silver and antique gold. The shield on the base has a laurel wreath motif and the trophy is topped off with a miniature tennis ball. This is an ideal award for any club member or student.

The ultimate shield star tennis trophy is also available in two different sizes. It features a star studded shield with a tennis ball set inside. This award is available in a gold finish and can be engraved for free. You can have up to three lines of text engraved on the plate for a nice personalised touch.


Whether you are looking for a wooden tennis trophy for your team or a wood effect trophy for a tournament, you’ve come to the right place. The Wood Tennis Trophy is the perfect award for any tennis player, club, or tournament. You can buy it at an affordable price, and it will make an impressive end-of-season presentation. You can even get a massive discount by shopping online.

A quality wooden tennis trophy isn’t hard to find, especially if you know where to look. You can find a variety of models and finishes to choose from. You’ll also find generic awards to help you celebrate a special occasion. There are even some great discounts on products such as gift wrap and candles. You can also choose from a wide selection of colours and sizes. Whether you’re looking for something for your team or your favorite tennis player, you can be sure to find it at Direct Source.

Choosing a good wood effect trophy can be a bit of a challenge, but there are a few models that stand out from the crowd. The best of the best are the Wood Tennis Trophy and the Paris Masters trophy.


Whether you’re a seasoned tennis player or a beginner, you can show your appreciation for your talent with a great quality tennis trophy. There are many options to choose from, including resin trophies, which are a beautiful way to recognize your achievement.

The Male Figure Top Trophy is perfect for tennis club presentations, and is designed to stand on a marble base and is topped with a glossy gold plastic. The central column is vibrant, and the trophy is topped with a tennis player in action pose, with a serving ball in his hands. This trophy is also available in a bronze or silver finish, and it can be engraved with a custom plate. It is also available with a FREE engraved plate.

The Mini Star Tennis Trophy is a smaller version of the male figure trophy, and features a tennis racket, net, and tennis ball. The trophy is made from a high-quality resin and is available in a variety of finishes. This trophy is perfect for any award presentation.