10 Ways To Boost Your Sales Using a Flyer Maker

Whether you are a small business owner or just have an idea for a client to sell their goods or services using flyers, you must highlight the benefits of your product over others. There are several ways to achieve this, and many people may not realize they can use flyer makers to do so.

Luckily, there are many options for flyers you can download or make online, depending on your design needs. Here are ten ways to boost sales using an online flyer maker:

1.) Let Your Customers Know You Are Open

The first thing your customers want to know is that their place of business is open; they may not even need your product or service, but they do need to know that you are open for business. This is why it is important to add the day and time that your business is open on both sides of your flyer.


2.) A Flyer Maker Can Tell Your Customers What You Do

If you are a new company, then chances are that some of your customers may not know what you do; therefore, they may not come back when they need what you offer. Highlight in large print what it is that your company provides in order to convince them to purchase from you. If your company offers a certain product or service, use bullet points to highlight their benefits.

3.) Convince Your Customers That They Can’t Live Without You Using an Online Flyer Maker

Telling someone that they can benefit from buying something does not motivate them enough to take action. You need to convince them that they cannot live without your product or service and cannot do without it. The best way to do this is to provide proof that your company’s product or service will improve their life in some way through testimonials from other customers, pictures of satisfied customers along with a brief statement as well as detailed information about the benefits of the product.


4.) Use Pictures When you Create a Flyer

One reason why flyers are so effective is that people take action when they see an image. Therefore, you should include at least one image for every 100 words on your flyer. This helps people visualize what you are saying about your company and its products and helps drive the point home more effectively than a simple list of features could ever achieve.

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5.) Have a Targeted Message

There should be one main message on your flyer. It should not try to promote multiple messages such as that you are offering the lowest prices combined with outstanding customer service; however, it must leave people with no doubt about what you want them to know about your business.

6.) Focus on What Your Customers Can Get Out of Using You

You need to make sure the benefits of using the product or purchasing from your company outweigh any negatives. Use words like “fast,” “secure,” “best,” and more to demonstrate all the advantages of buying from you rather than somewhere else. This is another reason why testimonials and pictures help drive this point home more effectively.

7.) Give Your Customers an Action Step

The best way to do this is to ask them for their contact information in exchange for something. For example, if they opt into your email list, they will be automatically entered into a raffle where the winner receives a free product; or maybe you offer them free shipping on their next order if they provide their name and address. This is called giving value first and helps convince customers that you are offering value.


8.) Make It Easy to Read & Understand With Design Flyer Templates

If it takes people more than 30 seconds to scan your flyer, then chances are most of them will not bother reading it at all, so consider making the fonts larger as well as using bullet points, short sentences, and large images. If you do this correctly, it will help keep people’s attention and make it more likely that they will notice your contact information.

9.) Keep Your Flyers Up to Date

People like to know what is current at your business, so you should regularly produce flyers that highlight any new products or services you are offering as well as any other changes that may have occurred recently at your company. This includes discounts on certain products or services, new openings, major refurbishments, etc. People want the most up-to-date information possible so keeping flyers up to date helps drive sales. You could even offer a small discount on first-time purchases if they show this flyer when they come in; just be sure not to give too much away for free because this devalues the product.

10.) Give Flyers to Everyone

Be sure to make plenty of copies of your flyer and hand them out wherever possible. You could even consider posting printable flyers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other community websites where people who may be interested in your product or service are likely to visit regularly. If you do this correctly it will help drive sales because if one person takes the time to read it then chances are they will share the message with somebody else which means eventually more people will see it than you can possibly reach by handing them directly.


Flyers are a great marketing medium that can help you connect with your target audience if used correctly. The ten tips on this page should help you maximize the impact of every flyer that is handed out at your company. Be sure to pass it along to everyone you know who could benefit from using these effective flyers in their business.