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Two things can keep your car in immaculate condition for years. Regular Maintenance and timely repairs/replacement. When it comes to knowledge about Car Repair Birmingham, not everyone is enthusiastic enough to know everything about cars.

However, learning some basic things and carrying out regular maintenance can save you from a lot of troubles including high repair expenses.

Changing oil.

Your car has an engine. That engine has moving parts. Those moving parts need engine oil. The primary purpose of the oil is to lubricate the moving parts of your engine. This reduces the friction between the parts and therefore the wear and tear of your engine. However, the engine oil will get dirty with time. It will catch dust and grime.

The oil’s efficiency will reduce and if you do not change it in time, the wear and tear of your engine will increase, thereby reducing the life of your engine. Depending on the type of car and model, you will also have to change the oil filter after your car has been driven for a particular mileage. Engine oils are available in different varieties and price ranges, they may work efficiently from 2000 to 5000 Km.

Consult your mechanic for the best mileage. Other oils which need to be refilled or replaced include brake oil and gear oil. These both usually deplete over a much longer period and do not frequent refilling or replacement. If you have a car which requires specialized care, such as a Mercedes, look for professionals like Mercedes Diagnostic Birmingham.

Car Repair Birmingham
Car Repair Birmingham

Taking care of wheels

Keep an eye on the air pressure in your wheels. Excessively low or high air pressure can result in a flat tyre. Too many punctures will reduce the tyre life and you may have to change them.

You can keep an electronic gauge with a portable compressor at home to check and adjust the air pressure in your tyres or you can visit a gas station. To keep your rims in the perfect condition, keep them clean and use a tyre & rim cleaning spray.

Looking after the body

Scratches and stains can make your car look horrible, regardless of how expensive it is. The first step is protecting your paint job from scratches. This can be done by following several tips. Wash your car with car shampoo, not liquid or powdered detergent. Car shampoos are mild and have been specifically prepared for washing cars.

When wiping or drying your car, use special cleaning cloths such as microfiber cloths. These prevent scratches from forming on your paint. Use wax or polish after you have washed your car. Wax will make your paint smooth and slippery, which will protect your paint from scratches to some extent.

Get your car ceramic coated for extra protection. Once in a while take your car to professional detailers. All these steps will keep your car clean and protect your paint job.

Looking after the electric circuit

Car batteries provide electric power to all electric utilities in your car including ignition, taillights, headlights, internal lights, horn, music system, navigation, etc. Always check your batteries once in a while to make sure that they are working properly. Batteries usually have a disclosed life but may extend beyond that.

Improper functioning of any electric utility may indicate a weak battery or a problem in the electric circuit. Get your battery periodically checked by a professional to ensure you don’t get into any trouble. If you own a Mercedes, get in touch with a specialized workshop such as Mercedes Diagnostic Birmingham.

Which is the best repair shop

To identify the best repair shop for your vehicle, follow the following simple steps :

  • Ask your family members, friends, or car enthusiast you know for recommending a tried and tested auto mechanic. Go for the nearest one, if you live in Birmingham look for a professional auto mechanic who can provide you with Car Repair Birmingham.
  • Check online customer reviews, if your workshop is online.
  • Look for certifications which indicate that the auto mechanic workshop meets the technical and basic industry standards
  • Look for someone with substantial experience.

Signs your vehicle may require repairs

Small stains or an occasional drop of fluid under your vehicle may not mean much. But wet spots deserve attention; check puddles immediately.

  • Wet spots under the car may at times indicate a problem such as a leaking hose, pump, or radiator. For instance, if you see a black or brown oily fluid, it is most probably engine oil.
  • This could be caused by a gasket or a bad seal. If you live in Birmingham, don’t waste time and see an auto mechanic right away who can provide you with emergency Car Repair Birmingham.
  • A burning smell may indicate short-circuiting.
  • If you smell rotten eggs it’s an indication that your catalytic converter needs to be checked.
  • The intense smell of gasoline may indicate leakage in your fuel system.
  • Sounds such as rumbles, rattles, squeals, and squeaks, should not be ignored and may indicate several issues such as a loose part, loose fan, etc.
  • Worn out shock absorbers and other suspension fittings will cause poor cornering.