Which AC Is Used In Dubai?

Dubai is usually known for hot and unbearable weather conditions. The humid weather requires an AC which can easily beat the heat. However, the split AC is different; some require more electricity while some deliver sub-par cooling conditions. People in Dubai popularly use wall-mounted splits. At first, people used to have window ACs in their homes, which are now majorly replaced by wall-mounted splits. The reason why people are frequently buying split AC is that they are high performing while being economical, on the other hand. Even more, the maintenance of such ACs is relatively easy. Also, split ACs come in various designs and are energy efficient too.

However, in Dubai, O General air conditioners are widely used, followed by Frego, Samsung, and super general. Lets us discuss some of the widely used ACs in Dubai. Check out ac duct cleaning companies for your home. 

O general air conditioner

When it comes to sophisticated designs, people in Dubai choose O general air conditioner, which comes with energy-saving technology. The split air conditioner is potent to beat the heat. Moreover, the environmentally friendly technology makes the conditioner stand out in the crowd. One must opt for O general air conditioner if thinking of replacing their old air conditioner. O general air conditions have several models which can easily bear several weather types. 


Another split type commonly used in Dubai is Frego. Frego is widely used at homes and offices in Dubai. However, if you have a smaller budget, frego may work wonders for you. Not only being a penny-saving solution but strongly condemning heat at various temperatures. Moreover, there is no ductwork required. Also, the independent control makes it easier for you to control the air conditioning settings as per your space.


Samsung air conditioners have the highest cooling capacities and chill a spacious room within seconds. The Samsung air conditioner comes under the best air conditioner within budget. The Samsung air conditioner can chill a space 16 times faster than the general mode. Also, most of the Samsung models come with a digital inverter compressor that helps to control the desired temperature.

Super general

Super general AC is a top-selling brand in Dubai. They can beat the hot weather. Super general ACs are one of the top-rated ACs. However, the best thing about super general ACS is that they produce minimal sound compared to other ACs. One can save a significant amount of utility bills through these ACs. These ACs can quickly chill an ample space without consuming much energy.

Now let us discuss some of the window air conditioners that are also used in Dubai:

  • Super general 1.5-ton window air conditioner

The AC from this brand is highly efficient and low maintenance. The rotatory T3 compressor is a game-changer. Also, the window Ac unit comes with an easy-to-clean filter that eases your pain. The AC tends to blend within any space effortlessly. It chills the room in a short time. Whether you want to install it in a large drawing room or a small bedroom, the AC ensures immense comfort and convenience.

  • Super general 1.5-ton rotary type Window AC

The easy to mount window AC grabs the attention of many buyers. The AC cools as fast as other high-end AC brands at a reasonable price. Up till now, there is no complaint regarding the noise of the AC and people are pleased with its silent cooling. Within a few minutes, you will find your entire room chilled and cool. Moreover, the easy-to-clean AC makes your life super easy.

  • West Point 2 ton window air conditioner

Westpoint brands have a different place and attraction in the market. ACs from this brand have a 5-star rating, and they offer the lowest electricity bills. The high mode of the AC helps in cooling the space more efficiently and quickly.


To conclude, after reading the entire article, you must have understood that no one brand accommodates the needs of every person residing in Dubai. Different people have different requirements and preferences. According to their needs, people choose different brands. We have made a brief discussion on the brands of ACs that are commonly used in Dubai.