What You Should Know About Green Cards

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Introduction to Green Cards

What makes a Green Card different from a visa or an American passport? A few things to know first. Most foreign travelers to the United States need some sort of pre approval. For tourists traveling to the United States, a tourist visa or an ESTA may be necessary. For more information, visit usgreencardoffice.com.

If you intend to remain permanently in the US, you may want to apply for a Green Card. The holder of a Green Card can live and work permanently in the US, unlike a visa which expires. Green Cards allow you to retain your citizenship in the country of your origin. However, just because you hold a Green Card does not mean that you have all of the rights and privileges of US citizenship. This means that you are not allowed to vote in the US elections, and if you knowingly commit certain crimes, such as leaving the country, you can lose your Green Card.

The Green Card application process

You can apply for a Green Card both within the United States and outside of it, and this will have an impact on the process you follow. Below are the steps you must take.

1. Check your eligibility for the type of Green Card you are eligible for, then determine which one you are eligible for

The eligibility requirements by category must first be reviewed before you can apply for a Green Card. We’ll discuss the different categories and their requirements later on. Immigration and Customs Enforcement can also provide more information on the matter.

2: Adjust your status within the United States – or apply for consular approval outside of the United States

Green Card applicants can apply whether they are already in the United States under another visa program or whether they are still in their home countries. You may need to file an immigrant petition and wait for a visa approval to apply to the United States as an immigrant, depending on your circumstances.

3: Confirm the availability of visas

Immigration is not limited in the United States for family members of US citizens, but the number of Green Cards issued each year varies according to employment and family sponsorship. It may be necessary for you to wait until your category of visas becomes available before processing your Green Card application.

4: Obtain supporting documentation and submit necessary paperwork

Then, after having prepared your claim, you can apply by completing the correct application form and gathering your supporting evidence and documents to provide evidence and document backup to your claim. According to the nature of your application, you might be able to get some assistance from your employer, or even a family member, should you need it. In the next section, we will go over most of the information you will need.

5: Visit an application support center and a visa center

Your application will be processed once we receive your biometric information, including a fingerprint, photograph, and signature. There may also be fees associated with your application, depending on the type.

How long does it take to get a Green Card?

As soon as your Green Card application has been submitted, you can see the status of your case online and track its progress. For different application routes, you can find an overview of current and historical average processing times on this website.

The cost of obtaining a Green Card

The application form for the Green Card and the form for collecting biometric information both require payment. You can estimate how much the application fee will be by using a fee calculator on the USCIS website.

See the 535 USD costs for spouses or relatives who are aliens to get an idea of the costs involved. In addition to the $1,140 fee for the I-485, biometrics will cost you an additional $85. You should check the USCIS website before you start your application to find out how much each form will cost.