What keyboard does clix use for?

CLIX is one the most prominent Fortnite players. CLIX is a serious player who has been through some of the most difficult Fortnite competitions. He continues to show his potential in his stream. Clix uses the Matrix Elite Series 60% Gaming Keyboard. The ergonomic design of this gaming console is perfect. Clix, an expert player of serious video games, has his own setup and uses this console to make quick contributions to improve his gaming environment.

He can use this console to quickly and efficiently determine his key presses and develop new games. Clix used a console that is not standard, and it is more complicated than the normal model.

Clix uses a Matrix Elite Series 60% gaming system. However, this console offers something unique. The keys are illuminated with RGB lights. This makes it an ideal gaming console that can be used with any type of gaming computer. However, the CLIX console is slightly unique.

Everyone should know what keyboard Clix uses. Although the Matrix Elite Series console is Clix’s, it has many advantages. His console is ergonomically designed with the left- and right-hand sides. It also features a major dark shape and red keys.

What Are Clix’s Keyboard Switches?

The switches used by the Clix console are Cherry. This is a common choice with many top gamers. If you look at the setups of Fortnite’s top players and top Warzone players, you will see that many star players use these switches.

Clix’s Gaming Setting-up

Now think about which console CLIX used and what keyboard does clix use. He can present a professional presentation while playing Fortnite and other serious games with his Quality console. The entire gaming setup is important. This is Clix’s Fortnite setup and settings.

Clix uses the FinalMouse Air58 CBR edition gaming mouse. Clix’s gaming setup includes a mix of items that are necessary for him to be able to execute the game at a high level. Clix is a skilled gamer and should have the best gaming network.

The Best Graphics Cards For Fortnite:
This page will show you the best graphics cards you can buy for Fortnite, as well as helpful information such as the expected FPS.

1. Nvidia GeForce RTX2080 Ti

best graphics card for fortnite, the RTX 2080Ti, is now available.

This is the most preferred choice of Fortnite’s best players, with nearly a third preferring the RTX2080 Ti to any other card.

Here are the features of the RTX2080 Ti:

  • Boost clock at 1665 MHz

  • 4352 CUDA cores

  • 11 GB GDDR6 Memory

2. Nvidia GeForce Super RTX 2080

The RTX 2080 Super offers Fortnite performance at a fraction of the cost of the RTX 2080Ti.

The RTX2080 Super will give you around 10% less FPS in Fortnite than its RTX2080 Ti, and it’s about $400 cheaper.

The RTX2080 Super is a great option if you want exceptional performance without spending more than $1,000 on an RTX2080 Ti.

Here’s what the RTX2080 Super offers:

  • Boost clock at 1815 MHz

  • 3072 CUDA cores

  • 8GB GDDR6 memory

3. Nvidia GeForce Super RTX 2070

We now have the RTX 2070 Super. It is a step down from the 2080 series.

This card is excellent and offers comparable performance to the 2080 cards. However, because we are stepping down a series, you get the same performance at a lower price.

Here’s what the RTX2070 Super offers:

  • Boost clock at 1845 MHz

  • 2560 CUDA cores

  • 8GB GDDR6 memory