What Autumn Clothes Are Suitable for Girls With Large Breasts

Let’s start with a moment of affirmations: you, by the way, are lucky! If curvy figures sometimes (or often) embarrass you, remember that many girls secretly envy you. All bodies are beautiful – and we will not tire of repeating this. You just need to learn to love yourself and choose clothes that highlight your natural characteristics – stop hiding!

For us girls, everything is simple: straight hair needs to be curled, curly hair needs to be straightened, short stature is urgently “tightened up,” and, on the contrary, tall hair needs to be balanced. It’s the same with breast volume: next to stylists’ advice on how to enlarge your bust without push-ups, there are guides on taming curvy figures. And if earlier the fashion industry dictated that large breasts should be covered and hidden behind layers in order to visually smooth out the silhouette, then in the new realities, fashion experts categorically do not advise doing this.

One of the common misconceptions about larger busts is that they need to be covered up. On the contrary, the more you hide it, the larger it appears.

Therefore, we stop hiding and emphasize our natural characteristics with love!

Wrap Dresses and Coats

The V-neck is our most important tool. Two vertical lines elongate the silhouette and “break up” the excessive volume. In this case, the breasts may be partially visible – there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, the proportions will become more harmonious. This is also the pure definition of elegance. 


Another good way to quickly harmonize your silhouette is to wear a jacket dress. Two rows of buttons and a strict silhouette generally tighten the figure, and the lapels add composure and seriousness to your look. And no sloppiness, which sometimes appears when choosing baggy clothes for girls with a large bust.

Boyfriend Shirt

Paradoxically, volume will help us tame… Volume. In general, relaxed shirts, also called boyfriend shirts, are a must have for every girl – they are a universal item. But for those with large breasts, this is especially important: a loose, but not massive cut tidies up the proportions of the upper body, and you simply have nothing to worry about. 

That’s the perfect outfit to chill at home and play buffalo king slot for hours. 

Shirts with Belt

Another type of shirt that will come in handy are models with a belt. Thanks to the emphasis on the waist, an hourglass effect appears, the hips appear more voluminous, and the breasts no longer look too large against their background. Choose shirts made of thick material with an “expensive” texture – this way the draperies will also emphasize your stately figure.

​​Volume – Yes!

And again we are playing with volume, which is not something to be afraid of. Extra massive ruffles and huge collars will not help matters – this is true, but if you choose a sweater or jacket from a man’s shoulder that maintains volume throughout the silhouette, then they will only benefit the image.