Traveling to Qatar Get to Know the Rules to Follow

The Middle East attracts with its unconventional beauty, traditions, and way of life. One of the most common places to visit is Qatar, which is ranked the fourth richest country in the world. Qatar is a rich country regarding its financial position and cultural heritage. It’s a place where stunning skyscrapers and luxury co-live with numerous cultural sights and picturesque nature reserves.

A trip to Qatar is truly life-changing, as it offers a completely different approach to life. While preparing for a trip, it is important to remember certain rules of comportment. 

Basic Rules to Remember When Traveling to Qatar

Travel Rules

  1. Qatar Airlines is among the safest and most punctual airlines in the world, with a top quality of services. Although they have only a few cases of flight cancellation or rescheduling, it is still important to be aware of the Qatar Airways Flight Delay Compensation rules, to be ready for the worst-case scenario, instead of feeling baffled in the middle of the airport. 
  2. All the visitors are obliged to buy health insurance, which covers every day of their stay in Qatar. The list of approved insurance companies is mentioned on the website of the Qatari Ministry of Public Health. 
  3. At the airport, visitors may be asked to show the accommodation agreement from the hotel (pre-booked or paid-for). 
  4. Driving in Qatar is rather challenging, unless you are well aware of the rules, laws, and practices, don’t try your luck. It is always better to go for officially-approved tourist agencies. 
  5. Marine travels along the Persian Gulf can be susceptible to piracy. Besides, there are always some security and territorial issues, therefore, be vigilant and always book the tips with official tour providers. 

Local Rules

  1. Qatar is an Islamic State, with a multitude of religious minorities; therefore, it is important to be very careful about the expressions and discontent regarding certain religions. Qatari are quite sensitive regarding a disrespectful tone related to their culture or religious heritage. 
  2. Qatar is a conservative state, therefore, visitors are expected to wear clothes to cover the shoulder and are not shorter than knee-length, especially at religious sites. Before entering any shopping or entertainment areas, it is also worth checking up on the local rules. Always check the guidelines to make sure you are well prepared. 
  3. Avoid negative comments or reviews regarding the country, its people, the quality of services, etc. It is better not to voice them and not to share them online, as it can be considered a cybercrime offense. 
  4. Qatar can be influenced by the conflicts in the neighboring areas, therefore, it is worth checking the news reports to avoid visits during social unrest. 

The Final Thoughts

Qatar is blessed with beautiful people (inside and out), breathtaking nature, and the ability to combine modernity with history; however, its beauty is tightly interwoven with rather strict rules and laws regarding cultural differences. 

When taking a trip to Qatar, get ready for life-long memories and unforgettable experiences, and remember – when in Qatar, do as Qatari do, such an approach will keep you away from complications and fill the days with joy.