Traveling to Dubai: Common Myths Debunked

Like most people, you have probably considered traveling to Dubai but are hesitant because of some rumors you heard. Maybe you have been told it’s not safe or it’s costly. However, you should do your homework as some information may be outdated and misleading.

This guide will help you uncover the truth about Dubai as a travel destination and help you clear some of the worries that are making you think twice about booking a flight and hotel in this destination.

1. You Can’t Drink Alcohol

This is one of the most common misleading information about Dubai. Most tourists think Dubai is a dry country and will pass it when choosing a holiday destination. If you love your drink, you no longer have to avoid Dubai as you can drink cocktails as a tourist.

Persons aged 21 and above can drink alcohol in licensed establishments such as restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs. However, be warned about drinking in public, whether in the streets or on the beach.

With this myth cleared, you probably wonder about Dubai’s laws surrounding online gambling. While there are no local casinos in Dubai, you can play poker on foreign-based platforms. You can, therefore, comfortably play the best blackjack app for real money from the comfort of your hotel, even with a glass of wine.

2. There is no Poverty in Dubai

There is a common misconception that there is no poverty in Dubai. There is indeed a lot of wealth in the destination. However, like in any other country, there are common Joes in Dubai, too. Dubai, being in UAE, is among the wealthiest regions in the world; however, a significant portion of the population lives in poverty.

Dubai has a large population of immigrant workers who send most of their income back to their home countries. There are also tax-free earnings in the destination, but the cost of living is high, leaving people with little to no room to build wealth.

That said, you don’t have to be rich to visit Dubai. There are tons of affordable eateries, accommodations, and entertainment options. Alternatively, you can indulge in luxury activities such as hiring a private yacht if you have the budget.

3. Dress Code is Strict

Being an Islamic nation, most people assume that dressing in Dubai is strict. This misconception is partly true in places of worship and business. The dress code does not apply to everyone and all areas.

If you go to the beaches, you will find women in bikinis. In malls and saloons, you will discover attire of all cultures and casually dressed men in the clubs. While this is the case, it is recommended that you dress modestly to fit in most of the spaces you will go to.

Most women wear clothes that cover their shoulders, legs, and knees.

You should know how to balance your style and local customs when choosing your outfit. Dubai supports diversity while maintaining its heritage at the same time.

4. Dubai is Extremely Hot

If you have never been to Dubai, it is likely always hot or too hot. While summers can get quite hot from July to September, other times of the year are okay. You will enjoy your May, October, and November stay if you love the sun.

Consider visiting between December and March for moderately warm weather, as the temperatures are usually about 20°C.

Another misconception surrounding Dubai weather is that it never rains. Indeed, it rarely rains in Dubai, which is a desert. However, this does not mean it never rains at all. The Dubai government does cloudseeding, which makes it rain for about two weeks around the end of February every year.

Around mid-December, there is also winter through March. Most tourists prefer to visit from October to May when it is cooler.

5. Dubai is Unsafe for Women

You will be stunned when you visit Dubai as a woman because of how safe it feels. Women share the same constitutional rights as their male counterparts. You can walk home at night from clubbing alone without feeling intimidated.

Petty theft is almost non-existent. While tourists are advised to stay vigilant regardless of where they are, it is very common to leave your belongings on the beach, jump in for a swim, and find where you left them.

6. You Can Get Everything Around the Clock

Some people consider Dubai a city that never sleeps because of its wealth and booming tourism industry. There are tons of activities 24/7, but some close down. Note that the city has stringent laws on noise pollution, so some services may not be available 24/7.

Most malls stay open till late. Traditional shops can close as early as 9 PM. You have to go with an open mind, knowing you may not get some services at any time so that you can plan accordingly.


Dubai prides itself on exponential development and exotic wonders. It is also famous for its countless luxury spaces and delicious cuisine, and over time, it has become a melting pot of cultures that attract people from all walks of life.

We hope we have helped you debunk some of the myths associated with Dubai so you can get a more accurate picture of this tourist destination.