Top 5 Fielders In International Cricket Who Can Stop Almost Every Ball

Cricket is a game that rests upon the shoulders of batters, bowlers and fielders. Although the batters and the bowlers steal the show, the fielders are undeniably vital to the game. Able support from the fielders can change the course of the cricket match at any time. Besides batters and bowlers, the world of International Cricket has witnessed many fabulous fielders. A tight fielding can pressure the opponent team to crumble down with a minimum score, despite having the best batsman or bowlers.

Here is a list of the top fielders in International Cricket who added dimensions to the game of Cricket. The cricketing video of their matches has always attracted the audience. You can also check upcoming champions trophy news and learn more about these players.

  1. Jonty Rhodes

In international Cricket, few can match the exceptional ability of Jonty Rhodes as a fielder. Jonty from South Africa changed the conception of the role of a fielder. His super flexible body and skillful catches made matches appear spectacular to the audience. He did not play any T20 games but left a permanent mark in Test Cricket and One Day internationals. There was little expectation from Jonty Rhodes when he became a member of the South African squad at the age of just 22 in the 1992 World Cup. However, his incredible run-out against the Pakistan team in the 1992 World Cup consolidated his place in the world of Cricket as an excellent fielder. He is still considered to be the No. 1 fielder in the world, so many years after his retirement. He has taken 34 catches in Test Cricket, and 105 catches in One Day Internationals, making the total count 139.

  1. Ricky Ponting

The second position in this list of the most successful fielders in international Cricket comes the name of The Australian genius, Ricky Ponting. There are only a few cricketers in the world to match the exceptional success of Ricky Ponting. He is undeniably one of the finest captains in international Cricket, apart from being a tremendous fielder and a superb batsman. He remained the leader of the Australian cricket team in test cricket from 2004 to 2011. He also reigned the field as the captain of the Australian team in the One Day internationals from 2002 to 2011. The total runs scored by him in test and One Day International amount to a glorious 13000. His record of 364 catches in his illustrious career. His exceptional contribution to International Cricket was acknowledged through the presentation of the Cricketer of the Decade award in the year 2000. Very few cricketers can match the style and flamboyance of Ricky Ponting as a fielder.

  1. Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja has made all the Indians proud of his unmatched records as a fielder on the International cricket field. He is not only a skilled fielder, but he is also a balanced all-rounder who shifts his priority according to the demands of the match. His batting, and bowling, when added to his fielding, make him a formidable enemy to the opponent. For his fielding abilities, Jadeja holds the third position in this list of the top fielders in the world. He has got the rare ability to pull through a match depending solely upon his fielding abilities. He has made a reputation for taking incredible catches and conducting fantastic run-outs. His dedication and motivation have placed him among the most promising cricketers of this era. He is skilled in playing in all three formats of Cricket, namely test matches, One Day Internationals and T20 International. He has been able to take 120 splendid catches and 36 fantastic run-outs in International Cricket to date. His determination to excel has increased our expectations for more, and we are sure that Jadeja will not disappoint us.

  1. Andrew Symonds

Andrew Symonds was a legendary cricketer of the Australian team. His unparalleled enthusiasm on the cricket field made him look like a giant, always ready to crush his opponents. He is one of the rare cricketers in International Cricket to represent the native team in two World Cups. Not only that, his contribution to the Australian team made them win both the World Cups. He has achieved ever-lasting honor for being one of the best fielders in International Cricket. The remarkable Cricketer got killed in a car accident in his home state of Queensland, near Townsville. He was a spirited all-rounder to rock the cricket field with his powerful shots, measured deliveries, and swift fielding. In his historic career from 2011 to 2021, Symonds took 107 catches and 27 runs outs. He was adequately skilled to leave his mark in all types of matches, namely test cricket, One Day Internationals and T20 internationals. The world still remembers him as one of the greatest fielders.

  1. AB de Villers

AB De Villers is another South African cricketer who stunned the world with his exceptional fielding skills. Villers was a batsman of the top order and guided his team as the captain. He stormed the arena of International Cricket from 2004 to 2018 by keeping his permanent imprint on all forms of Cricket. He showed his brilliance as a wicketkeeper, but his multiple talents do not stop at that. His fielding abilities astonished the cricketing world. He used to take unpredictable leaps to get catches which others could not even dream of. Some of his catches in the Indian Premier League are commendable. Villers holds the record for taking 222 catches in test cricket, 176 in One Day internationals and 65 in T20 Internationals. Very few cricketers achieve the height reached by Villers in International cricket. Even after his retirement, he is still an inspiration for all existing and future fielders.

Every team member in Cricket is a fielder. The eleven soldiers of the game, including the bowler, try to crush the opponent team’s batsman by building excessive pressure. In turn, the opponent team tries the same. The fielders play a vital role in reducing the score and destroying the confidence of the rival team. With fielders in perfect form, the wickets of the opponent team can fall like dry leaves. The fielders also provide maximum entertainment to the spectators through their acrobatics, funny gestures and even occasional dance moves.

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