The Best Southern Cities to Visit Right Now

The south understands the importance of partying and having fun in the summer.  Not only do you get to bask in the heat and enjoy the shorelines in many states, but you also get the best food and culture in the state.

These are the best southern cities you should head to this year and why fans love them so much.

Why Head South?

Heading south in the summer might sound like a rough idea if you’re already unsure about the heat: but the south comes alive in the summer!  Not only is the south prepared for the heat, with cool drinks and crisp air conditioning, but there’s also so much to do, from hiking to learning how to scuba, and you can really enjoy the most out of season.

If you’re nervous about the heat, it’s okay!  Just keep hydrated, and give it a chance: the south is worth the warmer weather.

Houston, TX

The summer is an incredible time to come to Houston.  The clubs and nightlife bring the heat, and countless musical performances, DJs, and events come to town for fun- not to mention the incredible rodeo that brings the fun and excitement every year.  Houston’s also less than two hours from the beach, surrounded by bays, lakes, rivers, and so much to see and do if you’d rather get outside, including hiking and horse riding.  The zoo in the city also comes to life in the summer, allowing you to take a walk on the wild side while still within Houston.

Charleston, SC

If you’d rather take a vacation where you can learn and take a step into history, it’s time to travel over to Charleston, South Carolina!  Here you can enjoy visiting the Historic Charleston City Market, check out the Fort Sumter National Monument, and learn about the south’s darker past by getting an education at the multiple plantations and gardens.

Charleston is a fantastic visit if you really want to feel how old America is and learn about how far it’s come from the past that originated it.

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham is an awesome place the moment the weather starts to heat up.  From the Birmingham Zoo to the botanical gardens, art galleries, and vintage car galleries, you’ll love all of the beauty you can take in once the summer starts.  This is also an incredibly cheap place to travel, which will have you running to look for Birmingham homes for sale since you’ll want to come back time and time again.

How to Pack for the South Right Now

Summer is a lot in the south, so it’s a good idea to pack thin and breathable fabrics that don’t stick to your skin.  You should also make sure to grab sunscreen, bug spray, and a water bottle you can refill throughout your trips.  If you plan on going to the beach, make sure to bring at least two bathing suits so you can let one dry between uses.

Head South for Fun and Excitement

Whether you’re from the north and are craving some sun and fun at the end of summer, or you’re from another southern state and want to see where you can go nearby: consider some of these cities!  You’ll have the time of your life!