Soundcore Black Wireless Earbuds: What Do You Need To Know

Earphones with large physical wires are totally messy. Especially when you are doing a workout or sports. Well, you’ll need earphones that are wireless, Bluetooth enabled, easy to handle, better playtime and pocket friendly.


Soundcore products and services are incredible. You’ll get quality products online with the best shipping time. In addition to this, specific features of soundcore products are customizable. Install the official application, and you’ll be able to do that. 


Here we have shared the specs of the black wireless earbuds with the name Spirit dot 2.

Water Resistance 

Spirit Dot 2 has IPX-7 protection against water interaction. Moreover, the sweatproof technology makes it more appropriate for workouts and training. Specific sweat guard technology provides you with uninterrupted hours to listen to noise-free music.


The special sealing and coating protect the earbuds from sweat drops. The coating of the earbuds is exclusively water-resistant and saves it from water in rain or sweat. 


The zero pressure airwing enables air to pass in and out in a comfortable manner. The hollow airwing contains a flexible, soft silicone body that fits perfectly into your ear. The silicone structure deflates according to the specific shape of your ear. 


The unmatchable comfort and incredible fit will make to stick to this product. Compact fit Spirit Dot 2 with the ultra-small size and slim body shape will fit comfortably in your ear. The effortless usage of wireless earbuds makes it exclusive to adapt to the product. True wireless technology adds up to remarkable utilization.


The bassUp feature of Spirit Dot 2 is remarkable. The algorithm of this technology allows users to analyze and customize the intensity of the bass in real-time. The bass enhancing drivers are specific for workout fueling music. With all the exclusive features, Spirit Dot 2 will be your favourite.


Transmitters ensure that each earbud connects with the mobile phone individually. Dual transmitters with 30 % lower latency, which provides an incredible experience while watching movies and video chats. It allows you to use one of the earbuds and in mono mode, automatically both.

What comes with the earbuds?

Spirit Dot 2 black wireless earbuds come along with useful accessories. It comes in five different sizes and shapes of Eartips. 


There are three sizes of AirWings so that you can choose according to your ear shape fit. These combinations of sizes allow you to choose the best size that fits perfectly to your ear. A USB -C cable also comes along with it.

Soundcore App

For the detail of each product of soundcore, you can download the application of sound core on your smartphone. You can also avail of some new user discounts as well. 


The official website provides the facility to order your favourite products online, which is just incredible. You can check the specs of each product from enough detail on the website.


There are multiple eye-catching colour ranges for Spirit Dot 2 . You can select your favourite one. From the application of soundcore, you are enabled to personalize the voice control and management of Bluetooth and EQ modes which are quite diverse.


You can also avail of some discounts during the festive holidays. If you are a sportsman or love to work out, Spirit Dot 2 earphones will be best for you and not to mention the classy black color will suit you well.


The affordable prices of almost all of the earphones in each series will fit into your budget. Check out the website and order the earphone that fits best into your budget, and you’ll get them without compromising the quality features.