Sherman Oaks car accident: Don’t miss out on legal advice

Traffic accidents in Sherman Oaks are not unheard of, but getting involved in a car crash is an experience no one wants to endure. Following a mishap, you would want to know whether you have a claim against the party responsible for the situation. In California, you have two years from the date of injury to file a personal injury lawsuit, and in case of car accidents, there is always an insurance claim that comes first. You should get legal advice, which should come from an expert and not any random friend or colleague. Hiring an injury lawyer is simpler than you think, and they can do much more than evaluate your claim.

What to expect from a car accident lawyer?

  1. A free assessment of your claim
  2. Evaluation of your damages
  3. A review of the circumstances to determine who is at fault
  4. An investigation into the accident to discover evidence
  5. Negotiation with the claims adjuster

Insurance companies are a step ahead

If the insurance representative knows that your lawyer is representing the claim, they are unlikely to try common tricks. Insurance companies always try to deny claims and reduce settlements, for which they may try to undermine losses suffered by claimants. Your lawyer is in charge of communication with the adjuster and will do everything possible to maximize the final compensation.

Determining fault can be tricky

Not every car accident is easy to investigate. For instance, when two drivers are responsible for the same mishap, their share of liability will determine whether they can expect a settlement. California follows the pure comparative negligence norm, which allows a party to file a lawsuit, regardless of their fault percentage. However, the final payment is also adjusted accordingly. Your lawyer will investigate everything to determine whether the case is worth the time.

Filing a lawsuit

In some cases, car accident lawsuits end up in litigation as there is no agreement on the settlement. If that happens, your lawyer will be representing you in court. Trials are often aggressive, and competent lawyers know how to argue for their client. There is also substantial paperwork involved, which your lawyer will take care of, allowing you the time to heal.

As you can guess, hiring an attorney can ease your stress considerably, especially because car accidents can cause unprecedented trauma. You can check sites like Avvo, Google, and Nolo to find local lawyers in Sherman Oaks.