Seven Ways a Dumpster Rental can Make Clean-Up Easy.

When those big clean-up projects take more than a few trash cans to remove your junk, a dumpster rental becomes the go-to solution for fast and effective waste removal. Here are seven things you’ll need to know about utilizing a dumpster for your next project:


It’s a quick way to remove the trash.


If you’re throwing a large party and know there will be a lot of trash, you don’t want it taking up space on your driveway. Rent a dumpster to put all the refuse in so it’s hidden from view. Renting a dumpster from is a great way to keep all the refuse hidden from view. Our dumpsters come in various sizes so you can select the right one for your needs.

A place for demolition waste

If you have renovated a bathroom, kitchen, or garage, you know how much waste is produced. This waste can quickly add up, so getting rid of it as soon as possible is important. The good way to do this is by using a dumpster.


Safer work environment


If you need to clean out your home, do some landscaping, or tear down something, you will need a way to eliminate the waste. A dumpster is a good option because it will keep your work areas clean and safe.


Save time and money.


Are you considering loading your truck or your friend’s truck full of waste and taking it to the dump? It might not be the best idea could damage your vehicle and take a lot of time. A better idea is to rent a dumpster. The company you rent from will drop it off and take it away when you finish your project. It will save you money and time to complete your project faster.


Don’t forget about weight limits.


There are different sizes of dumpsters, and this means that they have other weight limits. For example, the smallest dumpster is six cubic yards and can hold 4,000 pounds of debris. If you have a large project, such as an extensive remodeling job, you can get a 30 cubic yard dumpster that will hold 11,000 pounds. Talk to your rental provider about what size will suit your needs.


When your garbage collector won’t take your waste


If you have a lot of yard waste or big chunks of concrete that your residential garbage collector won’t take, you can load it up in a six or ten cubic yard unit and have a rental company haul it away.


Work with the right company


When you need to rent a unit:


  • Choose a company that offers different-sized units.

  • Choose a company that will give you great advice on what type of unit to rent, and make sure they’re flexible about drop-off and pick-up dates.

  • If your project becomes more intense than you planned, make sure they’ll come to pick up your unit and drop off an empty one so your project can stay on track.


Cape Cod Dumpsters by Precision Disposal provides reliable, fast, affordable dumpster rental services for commercial and residential customers. With various sizes to choose from and same-day service available, we will indeed have the perfect size dumpster for your next project. Contact us today to get started!