Ruby Betrothal Rings: From Vintage Glamour to Modern Sophistication

As lovers prepare to plunge into matrimony, selecting the perfect ring to seal their commitment is paramount. Across time, various gemstones have held the throne as favourites for engagement rings. In this exquisite array, rubies, with their rich red hues, have captured hearts.

Ruby engagement rings have evolved from the epitome of vintage glamour to embodiments of modern sophistication.

Historical Allure of Rubies

Regarded as the stone of love, rubies have been cherished for centuries. The ancient royals were known to be fond of the crimson charm of rubies. They were considered a symbol of passion, making them an ideal choice for betrothal rings. During the Victorian and Edwardian eras, rubies were often set in ornate, intricate designs that highlighted their fiery allure. These vintage designs still hold a certain charm for those who appreciate the nostalgia of a bygone era. The Edwardian settings, for instance, often featured filigree designs, while the Art Deco period brought bold geometric styles to the forefront. Choosing a ruby with a historical setting is like wearing a piece of history intertwined with romance and tradition.

Deep Symbolism: A Mark of Love and Passion

One cannot ignore the deep symbolism attached to rubies when considering them for an engagement ring. Their red colour is often associated with love, passion, and desire, making them exceptionally symbolic for couples looking to start a life together. Choosing rubies reflects a sense of romance and a deep understanding of the qualities needed in a partnership. In many cultures, the ruby is also considered a stone of protection and prosperity, which can be seen as emblematic of a marriage that will be shielded from strife and blessed with abundance.

Customisation and Design Variety

When it comes to design, ruby engagement rings offer a plethora of options. From vintage-inspired designs reminiscent of royal splendour to sleek, modern cuts that exude sophistication, there’s a design for every taste. The versatility of rubies allows them to be paired beautifully with various metals such as gold, platinum, or silver, which can greatly alter the ring’s overall look. This makes customisation a thrilling prospect for couples wanting a unique touch to their engagement rings. Furthermore, with advanced techniques and craftsmanship, it’s possible to create intricate designs that can make the ruby stand out or blend in harmoniously with the setting, depending on personal preference.

Combining Rubies with Other Gemstones

Though stunning on their own, rubies can also be combined with other gemstones to create a truly unique piece. Often, rubies are paired with diamonds to enhance their radiant colour. The contrasting colours make for a striking combination, and the sparkle of the diamonds complements the deep red of the ruby. This combination is not just visually appealing but also speaks of a union that is both fiery and pure. Sapphires and emeralds are also popular choices for combination with rubies, creating a vibrant collage of colours that can reflect the vivacious spirit of the relationship.

Caring for Ruby Engagement Rings

As beautiful as they are, ruby engagement rings require proper care to maintain their lustre and beauty. Being a relatively hard gemstone, rubies are durable but not indestructible. It’s important to clean them regularly with mild soap and water and avoid harsh chemicals. Moreover, storing them properly to avoid scratches and wearing them sensibly to prevent hard knocks can ensure that the ring remains a cherished possession for years to come. Investing in a good quality jewellery box with soft lining and ensuring the ring is insured can provide additional peace of mind.

In Conclusion

Ruby engagement rings are a celebration of love and passion, as they combine historical allure with deep symbolism. With endless possibilities in design and customisation, coupled with the option to pair them with other gemstones, rubies make for an engagement ring that’s both glamorous and sophisticated. Proper care ensures that this symbol of love remains as enduring as the bond it represents. For those looking to make a statement that’s both bold and timeless, ruby engagement rings are an unparalleled choice.