PDF Editing Tricks You Should Know

Seeking to boost your PDF editing skills? You’re in the right article! In this post, we have listed four of the most overlooked skills and edits that any office worker should learn about PDF editing. Although this administrative task sounds worldly and cursory, actually doing it requires a lot of ability as well. Don’t worry though, we’ll help you develop these skills in no time.

Convert PPT To PDF Using PDFBear

PDF conversion is one of the most popular adjustments that PDF files go through. Usually,  files in  Word, Powerpoint, and Excel formats are converted into PDF. Or if you’re a Mac owner, your Pages and your Number files.

If you’d like to convert ppt to pdf, you can do this with browser-based web applications such as PDFBear. It is a software platform for editing tools and is also quite handy.  The website is pretty easy to use and straightforward. Simply upload the file and let the application do the work. It only takes a few minutes to convert files. Best of all, it’s free to use! However, if you want to have full access to PDFBear’s features, you have to apply in their monthly subscription.

Here’s another pro-tip when converting: to efficiently transform the PPT file into a PDF file, make sure there are no overlays in the main file. This implies components on top of each other, controlled by graphics, text over audio, text, or pictures. Checking it before converting will save you a lot of time.


Segregate And Delete Pages

Page retrieval in PDF editing is not often used on a normal basis, but the procedure is relatively easy when required. To do this, you have to find and underline the pages you’d like to remove, and then locate the option “Separate Pages” or “Extract Pages”.

The main file is not likely to be impacted, although, in certain PDF editors, you will need to order the program to do so directly. The downloaded pages are immediately exported as a single file for browser-based PDF applications. The only step you need to do is save it to your device of choice.


Password Protected PDF

For data that needs to be secured, the trick is to use a password before it can be accessed by anyone. While it is common for highly classified files to have this security inserted in the file, if you want to take the extra mile to ensure protection, Go Import the entire PDF before you share it. Nonetheless, password security would be highly recommended daily. Make sure you send the password to the person you’d like to collaborate with.



If you have a file that’s incomplete and infected, you’ll probably be going to ask the sender to upload another file. Yet if the file is in PDF, not many people realize that you can quickly restore the file by exporting it to PDF web applications. The typical explanation that PDFs get infected are complications that arise when they are being submitted. File size may be another issue as well.

If you’re downloading a 100MB PDF file over a messaging webpage, there’s a fair possibility that you’ll need to adjust the file to save space or before sending it to anyone. For reference, only 25 MB of attachments are permitted when sending via emails.



Editing a File is a stroll in the park for some people. The method is simple, yes. However, some edits are more challenging than others. With the techniques listed above, the next moment you get a chance to edit, you always have a few tricks you can pull out of your sleeve.