Ocean Golden I Price List

If you are looking for a commercial office space in Noida Extension, then the Ocean Golden I price list is the perfect place to start. There are numerous levels within this development, with prices starting from Rs 17,19,995 for the first floor to around Rs 27,36,000 for the top-floor units. Even though these prices are a little high, the price range is still affordable, especially for first-time buyers.

As construction continues on the Ocean Golden I apartment, prices will increase. This project is best for those who need to be close to campus but do not want to live in the middle of a city. The amenities and location are great, and the project is close to numerous commercial and retail hotspots. Purchasing a commercial property here will help you earn a profit in as little as two years. In addition to being a profitable investment, you will be able to rent out your Ocean Golden I apartment at a later date, if you wish.

The price of an apartment in Ocean Golden I depends on its size and amenities. Generally, prices are determined by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the square footage. While size is an important consideration, you should not focus on it if you are on a budget. The important thing is that you are prepared for the price and move in quickly. If you cannot afford a large apartment, you should opt for a smaller one.

Despite being located near the most prestigious residential areas in Noida, the Ocean Golden I price list is still highly competitive. This development is expected to be completed within two to three years. If you are looking for retail space in Noida Extension, the Ocean Golden I price list is an excellent option for you. The project is in a prime location, with great connectivity to the nearby commercial hub. It also has a low price point compared to other retail properties in the area. And that’s not all! There are numerous other benefits for purchasing retail space in this development, including:

There are several ways to lower the cost of an apartment in Ocean Golden I You can find two-bedroom units for as little as Rs. 300,000. You can also rent office space in Ocean Golden I. The apartments in this project are relatively smaller than many others and will cost you less. This is great news for people who want to save on rent but don’t mind the extra space. However, if you are on a budget, it’s best to get a smaller apartment.

The Ocean Golden I price list will be competitive. If you’re looking for a new home in Noida Extension, this property may be the perfect fit for you. You’ll be able to work, shop, and enjoy the great lifestyle that this community has to offer. While these may be higher than your budget, there’s no doubt that the quality of construction will exceed your expectations. The location is also very convenient for commuters and has plenty of amenities for people to enjoy.

Golden I is a multi-faceted business hub and retail destination in Greater Noida West. It’s Vastu-compliant, boasts a range of wireless connectivity options, and is close to the proposed Jhewar Airport. And while it’s all about the location, you’ll be able to enjoy its location by taking advantage of its convenient location next to a wide road. It also offers an ATM, retail shops, and a F&B destination.