Monica Love is Blind Post

Monica Rodriguez was a contestant on Love is Blind Season 4. She formed a connection in the pods and got engaged, but her relationship was not shown in the original season. After the season aired, Monica revealed in an Instagram post that she had been engaged in the pods but broke it off shortly after leaving them. This caused drama between her ex-fiance Josh Demas and his current girlfriend Jackie Bonds.

The “After the Altar” reunion special revealed that Monica had been engaged to Josh in the pods. They quarreled over her Instagram post and revelations about their relationship, resulting in the end of Monica’s friendship with Josh’s girlfriend Jackie.

Monica Rodriguez’s Age:

Monica’s bio on Love Is Blind introduced her as being 31 years old. Season 4 was filmed around April-May 2022. Monica’s birthday is March 7, so she is currently 32. Monica is a Pisces. She was an elementary school teacher in the Seattle area during the Love is Blind Season 4 filming.

monica love is blind post

Monica Rodriguez’s Instagram:

Her Instagram page consists of Love is Blind promotions, travel photos, and pictures with friends. Her handle is not provided.

Monica Rodriguez’s Job

Monica is an elementary school teacher based in the Seattle, Washington area.

What is Monica Rodriguez’s opinion that love is blind?

Overall, Monica seems to have a positive view of her time on Love is Blind, despite the drama that unfolded after filming. In her Instagram post revealing her engagement to Josh Demas, she said “I wouldn’t change anything about my experience. I’m proud of myself for giving love another chance.”

She expressed that going on the show gave her the “opportunity to learn, grow, and most importantly love again” even though her relationship with Josh didn’t work out. 

She doesn’t appear to regret doing the show or getting engaged in the pods. During the heated argument with Josh and Jackie at the reunion, Monica defended her decision to post about her engagement, saying “Everybody deserves to have their story told.” This indicates she felt her experience was valid and wanted to share it publicly.

At the same time, Monica admitted she wasn’t fully confident in her decision to accept Josh’s proposal on the day of their reveal, saying she realized “you shouldn’t feel torn on your engagement day.” So she had some doubts about the relationship from early on.

Monica’s Love Triangle With Josh And Jackie Explained

In the Love is Blind pods, both Monica and Jackie formed connections and got engaged to Josh. However, only Jackie’s relationship was shown in the final cut of Season 4.

After filming wrapped, Monica revealed in an Instagram post that she had also been engaged to Josh in the pods. This caused drama as Josh was now dating Jackie, and Jackie felt Monica was just seeking attention.

At the reunion special a year later, Monica tried to clear the air but Jackie was still upset. Josh accused Monica of “clout chasing” while Jackie defended Josh and ended her friendship with Monica.

Monica felt she deserved to share her side of the story. But Josh and Jackie viewed her Instagram post and revelations negatively, feeling she was messy and causing drama intentionally.

Currently, Josh and Jackie are still dating and living together as a couple. They have had some ups and downs but are trying to make the relationship work.

So in summary – both Monica and Jackie were briefly engaged to Josh after the Love is Blind pods. Josh ultimately chose Jackie, leaving Monica hurt and wanting to tell her side. This resulted in a tense feud between the former friends at the reunion.