Best Liquid Screed Services at Affordable Prices in Town

Who we are?

We are experienced professional screed installers in surrey. We specialise in all kinds of screeding solutions especially liquid screeding. Moreover, we also specialise in underfloor heating services.  if you want the best and the long-lasting liquid and screeding and underfloor heating solutions then you are in the right place.

Pick up the phone and hire our professional team to take care of your new home. We aim to become your first choice for all kinds of domestic projects. We aim to deliver our services to people within 80 miles radius. So, no matter where you are in the neighbourhood, just contact us and we will be there.

Why we are the most trusted screed experts?

We are the Liquid Screed Contractors company that is known for its year’s long services in liquid screeding. Liquid screeding can cause several difficulties and can break down. A liquid floor screed is a great way to prepare your floor.

It results in a smooth even and level floor that is ready for tiles, wooden floors, carpets, and other flooring systems on it. We are committed to providing you with solutions at affordable prices throughout Surrey, Berkshire, east and west Sussex, Hertfordshire, and London.

We provide our services 6 days a week. So, you can contact us anytime from Monday to Saturday and we will be ready to provide our services at any time. You can discuss with us what time suits you the best and our liquid screed team will be there to provide you with the best services.

Why liquid screeding is best for you?

Hiring liquid screeding services offers you a number of benefits over traditional cement-based screed floors. The liquid screed floor is easy to install and it fills the gaps and dips of the floor better because it is a liquid. So, it results in an overall smoother surface.

Moreover, it also dries quickly. It can be dry touch and safe to walk under 24 hours. It solidifies in a few days as compared to the traditionally applied screeds that can take weeks. Sometimes it takes months to fully settles for the traditional screed floors.

Liquid Screed Contractors
Liquid Screed Contractors

It can also be polished and it will give off a new look. It is also best suited for underfloor heating because it covers the pipes properly so it leads to better heat efficiency.

How much does liquid screeding cost?

Although the liquid screed costs more than a conventional screed. But it reduces the labour times so it can be very cost-effective option for you especially if you are working on a schedule or in an emergency.

So, it ends up as the best and high-quality flooring solution in a short timeframe. It offers you minimal downtime and lower labour cost, what more is there to ask? If you choose our skilled team then you can enjoy the professional finish and a stress-free installation experience.

Why should you trust us?

We are a team of experienced professionals who have years of experience in liquid screeding and Underfloor Heating Services. We will make sure that you get the floorspace that is level, free of debris and loose material.

All of our installations are done by skilled sacred specialists who have years of experience in the field and they understand all kinds of floors. So, they will not leave errant bubbles and imperfections that can impact the end result of the floor.

We will provide you a speedy service and will get your floor ready as soon as possible. We offer floor installations services at affordable prices. we know liquid screeding can be very expensive. But we offer the market competitive prices that are reasonable.