Instagram Improves its Teen Experience

With greater supervision by regulatory authorities, social applications are now increasingly taking a look at how their app is being consumed by teenagers especially. 


Just recently the social giant TikTok announced that it was introducing reminders and schedules for screen breaks alongside tips for digital wellbeing. If you spend more than 100 minutes on TikTok on a daily basis you will now receive a notification suggesting a screen break.


Instagram also added value to its teen user experience by recently introducing enhanced supervision tools for parents and guardians that can limit the use of the Instagram mobile app during specific periods.


Parents and guardians can now also invite teenagers to initiate the setup of the new supervision tools. Adults can now also view any accounts that have been reported by teenagers as well.


Instagram will also now provide small nudges if a user continuously keeps on viewing the same type of content in the Instagram Explore page. For example those viewing eating disorder related content will be encouraged to switch to a different topic, thereby limiting any chance to become obsessive over a single topic. 

Excessive Obsession

This will help teenage users discover something new and different, rather than solely relying on one specific topic that could be linked with appearance comparisons.


Instagram is a mobile application that utilizes visual storytelling in order to provide its users with a unique mobile app experience. Instagram users can share pictures and videos directly captured from their smartphones with a global audience, all within seconds.


Instagram has also helped mobile phone manufacturers to improve their camera settings and features as they increasingly cater to a growing user base that is particular about their appearance.  


Smartphone cameras now offer best in class image quality across both photographs and videos. Elements such as lighting, brightness, volume and all colour correction can now be processed in seconds when using a modern smartphone or smart device. Major brands are investing heavily in order to capture the market for high quality smartphones with superior cameras.


If you are considering building a mobile app then you should reach out to Elegant Media. They offer over 12 years of experience as Australia’s leading mobile app developer.  Many modern smart devices and apps have more than one lens with different lenses for different settings, thereby helping to create visual stories for Instagram. 


Instagram as a leading visual storytelling platform has also influenced AR app design that now brings the power of augmented reality within the Instagram platform. 

Visual Platform 

With over a billion users, Instagram is today the world’s largest platform for visual storytellers. The global appeal of both images and videos transcend languages and cultures and make Instagram a universal phenomenon.


The popularity of Instagram has also helped augmented reality app developers to better cater to modern digital audiences with mobile apps that sync smoothly with Instagram through an API.


The ability for brands and influencers to also leverage the Instagram application to drive revenue furthermore adds to the popularity of Instagram.