Protect Your Space: Identifying Termites with These 3 Clues

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The presence of a single termite usually indicates that there is a colony of thousands more nearby. Despite their tiny, one-and-half-inch length, the destruction and torment that termites bring to building structures are colossal. Termite colonies are sophisticated social networks including a queen, workers, soldiers, and reproductive termites. Based on the species and termite’s social status, the life cycle of a termite can last anywhere from two to 50 years, and thus, a termite colony can sustain indefinitely. Under normal circumstances, a colony of termites can have over half a million individual members, hungrily chewing away at anything they get close to.

So, as a homeowner, caretaker, or landlord, it is pivotal that you are incredibly mindful of termites, as they can destroy the bedrock of your property, leading to exorbitant repairs and expenses. To keep termite infestation at bay, you must understand the early warning signs of the infestation, such as discarded swarmer wings and mud tubes. Recognizing a potential termite infestation before it spirals uncontrollably can save you thousands of dollars in repair and extermination costs. In this post, we will talk about the three clues that can help you identify termites promptly.

Top 3 Clues of Termites at Your Home

  1. Stuck Doors and Windows

Do the doors and windows suddenly feel stuck or are harder to open or close? If yes, then it could be an early warning sign of an ensuing termite infestation. Termites usually target areas like windows and door frames, where the wood is exposed and provides them easy access. As the termites eat through the wood, the windows and door frames may warp, thereby, becoming more difficult to open or close. So, look carefully also for damaged wood and if you find tunnels with dried dirt, it is a telltale sign that termites are targeting your abode.

  1. Swarmers and Discarded Wings

The second, and rather obvious, sign of early termite infestation is seeing termite swarmers inside your house. Termites have a social hierarchy that includes workers, soldiers and swarmers of the reproductive members in the termite colony. The swarmers are distinguishable by their two pairs of large wings that have a pale color and are typically ¼ to ½ inches long. Swarmers shed their wings after leaving the colony and mating. Swarmer rings around your home may indicate an active termite infestation.

  1. Look for Mud Tubes

Finally, check your home’s mud tubes. Narrow veins run along your property. Mud tubes frequently stretch from the earth to wooded regions. These tubes are a way for termites to protect themselves from dryness in the air. So, if you find mud tubes, break off a piece and check for live termites. If you do not find anything at first, come back and check if the tube is repaired. If these signs are negative, then there are likely no termites in your home and vice versa. 


So, there we have it, the top 3 clues of early termite encroachment. If pest infestation gets out of hand, call a service for termite or mosquito control in Sarasota immediately.