History and Interesting Facts about the World of MMORPG

Probably no gamer is left today, who hasn’t played at least one MMORPG. If you do not know, the MMORPG – online role-playing games in the worlds which simultaneously play millions of players from around the world, constantly interacting with the world and with each other. Over the years, these game projects have become so popular and widespread that the news about them you can even hear on TV. Excellent graphics, quality gameplay, and a huge range of proposals have made client online games in the MMORPG genre popular around the world.

To take part in the game the user will need to download and install on your PC a specially designed client, after which the icon appears on the desktop and at any convenient time the player will be available for an intriguing world of virtual gaming adventures.

Today MMORPG is divided into subgenres, they largely depend on the features of the gameplay. In some cases, the player has to focus on the equipment, and in other cases to develop their skills and knowledge in confrontation with the enemies.

Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights, which appeared in 1991, was the first graphical MMORPG. It combined the Goldbox engine, on which numerous computer implementations of D&D were based, with the network capabilities of MUD. Initially, playing NWN required an hourly fee of $4 to $8, depending on the time of day, but as internet prices fell, the game was included in AOL’s basic package. The capacity per game server increased from 50 people in the year of launch to 500 people in 1995. At closing time, NWN had 115,000 active players and 2,000 players at a time during peak hours.

The single-player role-playing game Neverwinter Nights, which appeared in 2002, also has the option of mass online play. This mode is not officially used, but an advanced editor that allows users to create any terrain, dialogues, characters, add new graphics, monsters, items, and other resources has allowed the creation of several fan MMORPGs.

World of Warcraft

By the beginning of 2004, a considerable number of various MMORPGs had been released, but we still could not speak of a true “mass genre”. What we needed was a game that would make the genre famous worldwide.

November 2004 brought the world a new creation of the legendary Blizzard. WoW became the most famous game of the genre in the blink of an eye, garnering millions of subscribers and winning the widespread love of a wide variety of players. What was Warcraft? It replaced the dreary grind with a bunch of different quests, licked all the elements to a mirror shine, and brilliantly publicized what it ended up with. Then there was a real boom, the genre began to be talked about by everyone, including the most recent schoolboy. After WoW MMORPG started to be made, as on conveyor belt, but to repeat its success could not anyone.

The history of the world of Warcraft is constantly evolving and today the game does not lose its popularity. New additions to the WoW RPG update the game resources according to the latest events. More and more players are using wow boost which helps them enjoy the game more.

First three-dimensional MMORPG

The first three-dimensional MMORPG was EverQuest, which was released in March 1999. The authors drew inspiration from the text-based MUDs, and as a result, they managed to create a truly amazing adventure, where players could explore dungeons, fight dragons and get valuable artifacts, all in the company of their best friends. At the end of the nineties, it was quite unusual, but now this is no surprise. The game was so popular that even the press leaked the most different information about it.

Dungeons & Dragons Online

D&DO, or DDO, was released in 2006. The action takes place in the setting of Eberron, in the city of Stormreach. This city is the frontier of civilization in the wild continent of Xen’drik, represented in the tabletop materials as an unexplored “white spot” where a wizard can put anything. In this way, the game developers were able to create an environment that did not contradict the information from the tabletop game. Later, the Stormreach city plan and new features of Xendrick from DDO were included in the book Secrets of Xen’drik.

Guild Wars

In April 2005 the first MMO, for which you had to pay only once, was born. We are talking about Guild Wars, which allowed players to buy a key once and play without any restrictions, paying only for major add-ons. Moreover, the game was an opportunity to immediately create a character of maximum level and send him to fight in special arenas.

In February of that year, some games switched to a model of conditional free distribution. One of these games was Anarchy Online, which was the first to create a unique move – to place real advertising on the in-game billboards. It was explained to fans that this way you can earn enough currency to keep the game afloat, why none of them were outraged.


Every year the level of graphics of MMORPG is improving and exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding players. In turn, a huge number of genres makes it possible with a minimum of effort to choose an interesting and exciting game, according to the preferences of each player.