GAN Magnetic 3×3 Table Tennis Table

Whether you’re looking for an affordable, high performance table tennis table or want a more stylish option, you’ll find it in the GAN Magnetic 3×3. The sleek design of the GAN 3×3 means that you can get the same great performance at a lower price. Using magnetic technology to create a smooth, easy-to-use table, the 3×3 can be re-positioned quickly and easily, making it a great choice for a variety of play styles.

GAN 356 Air M

The GAN 356 Air M 3×3 is a fast, lightweight, and magnetic speed cube. It boasts a dual-adjustment spring compression system, a new double-instell system, and a GES Pro dual elastic system. All of these technologies are aimed at providing you with the best possible experience. Compared to its predecessor, the GAN 356 Air, the Air M has a higher degree of stability, which is ideal for those who want to be in control of their cube.

GAN’s 356 Air M is a good choice for those looking for a professional quality 3×3 at an affordable price. While it isn’t the fastest cube out there, it is quick and oh so easy to play. In addition, the Air M has a GES Pro dual elastic system, which allows you to set four core distances. Aside from being easy to operate, the system is also able to rotate the layer for correct positioning at high speeds.

GAN 356i Play

The GAN 356i Play is the more affordable version of the pricier GAN 356i model and it also boasts some pretty cool tricks up its sleeve. You can also connect to a proprietary ‘Cube Station’ app via Bluetooth to have some fun with your new toy. Plus, it’s got some impressive looks to boot. In the world of smart cubes, it’s a winner!

It’s also the cheapest one in its class. You can score some very good deals on smart cubes at Ziicube. As a bonus, they’ll send you a free Cubestation t-shirt. They even have a nice selection of Gan models including the more expensive ginormous 356i. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a smart cube today! Besides, it’s a lot of fun! Go to Ziicube to check out the best prices in town on smart cubes and more! And, as a bonus, you’ll get free shipping too!

GAN 12 M Leap

GAN’s 12 M Leap 3×3 Magnetic Stickerless is an innovative new cube. Designed for superior control and speed solving, this speedcube has 64 magnets, a unique magnetic strength system, and adjustable magnets. It comes in both non-maglev and maglev versions, and features a glossy UV outer surface, an omni-directional core positioning system, and a GTN core adjustment system.

GAN’s GMS v3 technology allows the user to adjust the strength of the magnets and the center travel. The tool kit includes a clear, forked end tool that enables the player to easily adjust the strength of the center travel. This tool also has tabs that slide into the corner pieces.

The corner stalks contain extended magnets that help layers auto-align when turning. This helps to reduce friction and spring noise. These magnets also function as the speedcube’s tensioning system, creating compression and tension as the cube moves.

The corner stalks feature opposing magnets that imitate the feel of a spring. As the center piece moves, a small click will be felt at each step. Depending on the grade, each step may feel larger or smaller.

YJ MGC Elite

The YJ MGC Elite 3×3 is a premium cubo with a lot of advantages. It offers a fast, silky smooth, crispy feel and is easy to tune. This is a great choice for speedcubers looking for a fast, high quality cube that can be easily customized.

With a simple adjustment system, you can customize the magnetic strength of the cube to your liking. Additionally, the spring compression and tension can be adjusted. You can also customize the length of the tornillo with the click of a button.

The MGC Elite 3×3 is an advanced speedcube with a dual adjustment system that allows you to individually adjust the tension, muelle, and magnetic strength of the cubo. In addition, it has an affordable price. Moreover, it comes with a smart tool, which has two types of screwdrivers in one.

One of the most impressive features of the MGC Elite is its customizable magnetic strength. It is also capable of providing a stronger magnetic field through the use of extra magnets. Moreover, its dual ajustment system makes the device more stable and easy to use.