Football betting and signs of identifying explosives

When we bet on football, we notice that many actions are taken by players on both sides during a match.Among them, there are signs that can tell you whether the game has many goals or not. In this article, let’s learn about these signs with betting instructions on 20Bet.

 Signs from the play of the two teams

If you want to know if a football game will have many goals or not, you can rely on signs to identify through the styles of the two teams on the field.If that’s the case, the game’s tempo is fast. Both teams’ players actively kicked the attack and raised the formation.Then the goal can come at any time. Or when one team plays offensively, the other team plays defensively. If the attacking team presses the field and has not scored a goal, the probability of a counterattack is very high.

Signs from strikers and attacking midfielders

The strikers or attacking midfielders will be the players who contribute directly to the goals. Players need to observe how these players play when betting on football. If you find them playing with a relaxed mentality, often passing people, passing the ball successfully, it is very likely that in that match there will be many goals created. On the other hand, if the above positions play stalemate, it is likely that the match will be low-scoring.

Signs from the playing line-up

Usually, the teams that are maintaining a continuous winning streak will keep their original lineup. Therefore, you can rely on the lineups of both teams. to predict whether that match will have many goals scored or not.

In addition, you also need to find out carefully about the performance of each team in the last 5 to 10 matches. Are the main players injured? Is the scoring form good or not? Which players are included in the game map and lineup? How many goals did the two teams score? On average, how many goals does the team score in a match? At the same time, you should also compare the head-to-head matches of the two teams to see which team has the upper hand. Answer the questions above, and you will know all the signs of a game with many goals.

Basic principles to understand when betting on betting websites

One of the most popular prediction items in the field of running betting is the score prediction. We all know: that in matches where the strengths of the two sides are clearly different, the reward for those who correctly guess the score of 1-0 is often higher than that for those who predict the score of 2-0 or 3-1. The odds for each particular score fluctuate a lot, usually from “1 to 6” to “1 to 100”. Odds of “1 to 12” are generally considered average odds.

So on what principle does the house determine those odds when you bet on running?

Basic rules

It is still necessary to return to the basic principle in all types of betting: The reward is inversely proportional to the probability. It is worth mentioning here that the probability of each specific score, in each specific match, is calculated according to mathematical principles, not a heavy prediction. From mathematical formulas, hundreds of specific graphs are made of the probability of the occurrence of each particular ratio. Taking 100% and dividing by the probability of each specific ratio as shown on the chart, the bookies get the corresponding bonus and “make a bet” on the running bet after deducting the fixed costs theoretical rewards.

Practical examples

Our betting experience will talk more about charting in future articles. Here, just give a specific example: the ability to score goals for each team in a certain period of time. It should be noted that scoring is different from average scoring. For teams that have been determined to average 1 goal in 60 minutes, the probability of that team scoring in the first minute is 1/60. After 5 minutes, the probability that the team has scored is 1/12. But the probability of that team scoring right in the 5th minute is still only 1/60, nothing more, nothing less.

The more time goes by, the more complicated the probability problem becomes, with the possibility that the team has scored or has not scored a goal to be included in the calculation. Finally, experts calculate: A team that scores one goal every 60 minutes has a 22% chance of not scoring in 90 minutes, a 35% chance of scoring at halftime, and a 20% chance of scoring two goals in 90 minutes.


So with this article, we believe that you have understood the principle of making bets to predict the score when betting on the house’s running. Understanding this principle will allow you to more easily analyze, evaluate, and decide whether to pay down on a bet you love. However, if you want to win, learn more about betting tips specifically for this type.