Everything You Must Know About Red Diesel for Sale

Red diesel is usually termed as gas oil and tractor diesel. It is a low-cost fuel and is mostly utilized for machinery and off-road vehicles. On the rare side, you can choose red diesel for sale for home heating purposes too. However, there are some specific regulations in regards to using red diesel and if you are planning to do so, then having an insight into the rules is crucial. In this piece of article, we will be shedding light on some of the basics about Red Diesel for Sale. It will help you understand your eligibility for its usage and whether you can invest in it or not. Let’s dig into the details.

Am I Eligible for Using Red Diesel?

Whether you are looking for paraffin for sale or you plan to use red diesel, you need to make sure that you are eligible for it. There are specific regulations in regards to its usage. Red diesel is usually used in industries of civil engineering, agriculture, and construction. Some hospitals also use it. The most common utilization of it is in machinery, i.e. forklifts, tractors, cranes, etc. along with heating industrial and commercial buildings. Each state has a legal outline of the vehicles that can use red diesel for sale. They are mostly as follows:

  • Mowing machinery
  • Tractors
  • Unlicensed vehicles (that are not being used on the roads)
  • Agriculture engines
  • Snow clearance vehicles
  • Mobile cranes
  • Gritters
  • Mobile pumping machinery and vehicles
  • Agricultural material handling equipment and machines
  • Light agricultural vehicles

You can always check your state’s regulations in regards to red diesel and paraffin for sale and use them accordingly. However, the above-mentioned ones are always applicable for using red diesel.

License Requirements for Red Diesel

There is a huge misconception that one requires a license for buying red diesel for sale. You do not need one. However, you must be eligible to use it, in the light of the streamlined vehicles and machinery. Furthermore, when you purchase red diesel, you need to sign an RDCO. It is also recommended that you must only buy from an HMRC registered company and we highly suggest relying on 123 Oil in this context.

Red Diesel for Sale
Red Diesel for Sale

Alternatives for Red Diesel

Is there any alternate diesel or fuel options for red diesel? Yes. You can opt for industrial heating oil if you are unable to get red diesel. It is great for commercial machinery and heating applications. Industrial heating oil is a zero VAT fuel and a clean-burning alternative for red diesel.

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Red Diesel for Sale for Cars:

Red diesel can be used in cars (if you are concerned about it being unsafe). It is similar to that of white diesel. However, it is not legally allowed. It is only permitted for utilization for vehicles that are off-road. Thus, if you use red diesel in cars, or on the road, then you will be breaking the law.  It is also considered tax evasion. The only exemption for this is for farmers. You can check the possibilities for it, in the light of your state’s law.

Where to get Red Diesel for Sale?

Every fuel or diesel supplier won’t have red diesel or Paraffin for Sale. Therefore, you might have to research the best suppliers a bit. Moreover, you need to ensure that the supplier you are choosing is registered and licensed. Red diesel has a lot of legal obligations and buying it from an unregistered seller is not a smart choice to make. You can get yours from 123 Oil as they are one of the most trusted suppliers of red diesel at the moment. With fast delivery and promising registrations, you have absolutely nothing to worry about when buying from them.


If you specialize in the agriculture, construction, or engineering industry, having knowledge about red diesel is crucial. You must keep yourself updated about the changing regulations in regards to it and act accordingly.