Double Collar Shirt

Double collar shirt models are ideal for every style, every combination, and every taste. Men’s shirts come in various types, each with a different collar. Tuxedo-style shirts use the horse collar as a design.

The baby collar is traditionally seen on women’s shirts; however, it can also be worn by men. It has a small, pointed design that is ideal for tying tie bows. Double collar shirt fashion can be combined with many different clothes today.

This collar style is often worn on important occasions. Collarless shabby shirts, also known as baseball collar shirts, look stylish when worn on summer days. In addition, these shirts are popular with men who want to look modern and contemporary. Those who want to wear a slim-cut shirt can also consider this shirt model. Classic shirts typically come in three-collar styles. These include concealed button-down collars, stand-up collars, and button-down shirt collars. You can use these collar models in every outfit consisting of a suit.

Double Collar Shirt Models

The Italian collar looks more elegant than the classic collar. You can make your suit look stylish by wearing an Italian collar on one side and a standard one on the other. You can also wear an Italian collar on any trousers. Many different collar models catch people’s eyes and is popular among those who wear men’s shirts. With a long sleeve shirt underneath and neatly knotting your neck, this resort-style collar style offers both aesthetic and ergonomic benefits.

It also provides extra comfort by adapting to the fabric of your shirt. Collar models can be listed as epaulet, carmen, V-neck, dovetail, polo, or polo collar. These shirts are mostly beachwear, also seen in men’s collared shirts. The address of Makrom is one of the addresses you prefer for double collar shirt products. You can reach the best collar model shirts from