Cryptocurrency Buyer Guide From KuCoin

Fast buy is the most convenient technique for buying crypto on KuCoin, permitting users to select Crypto prices today while not addressing the intricacies of the trading platform. This can be an additional broker than the exchange, and users will quickly purchase BTC, ETH, and USDT with low fees. The platform supports over 70+ payment strategies, which is pretty spectacular. This convenience comes with an extra dealing fee that’s mechanically subtracted from your payment. I need help to realize any figures here. KuCoin states: KuCoin can deduct dealing fees from your payment. Consult with the order confirmation page for specific fees. Check below how you can buy crypto on KuCoin.

How To Get Crypto Using Exchange?

We will currently show you how you’ll be able to obtain cryptocurrency on KuCoin, and we are going to specialize in Bitcoin.

Open an Account

The first step you require if you would like to start trading on KuCoin is to open an account. This can be a straightforward step, as all you’ve got to try to do is to supply your email address and number. A code will be sent to you when providing your phone number and email address. You must place the code within the needed box to activate your account. KuCoin uses Two-Factor Authentication as a way of securing your account. 2FA is needed if you want to make your account on KuCoin. 

Secure Your KuCoin Account

2FA is a multi-factor authentication style that gives your account an extra layer of security. To change it, you wish to supply a minimum of one different piece of data to enrich your login details, thus the word two-factor. However, it’s a demand if you would like to proceed together with your account creation.

Verify Your Identity

Know Your Client (KYC) processes are designed to improve your account’s protection by linking it to your info. Though you’ll be able to use KuCoin while not technically confirming your identity, a withdrawal limit will be obligatory until you bear the verification method. That’s why you can complete the KYC if you want to use KuCoin.

Fund Your Account

The next step is to fund your account. KuCoin offers you 3 choices to fund your account:

  • Credit/Debit Card.
  • Peer-to-Peer commercialism (P2P).
  • Third-Party.

After selecting your most well-liked choice to fund your account, you’ll be able to place the number you would like. Below we tend to get to show many easy steps on how you’ll be able to fund your account:

  • Click the Assets choice.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit or search for it within the search bar.
  • Right next to your chosen plus, click the Deposit button.
  • Enter your wallet address within the following field. A QR scanner may even be accustomed to scanning the barcode.
  • Complete your dealing.

Start Trading on KuCoin

  • You can begin trading to earn cash before your account receives the assets you transferred. That should take a little time.
  • Once your plus is deposited in your account, navigate to the Markets tab.
  • Select your plus from the list, and click the trading button next.
  • To buy, fill out the obtain field with your most well-liked quantity, and click on obtain. The method is the same for the Sell choice.
  • You can read your current orders by checking the Open Orders button or your history beneath the Trade History choice. Besides this, you’ll also be able to do different trading styles on the KuCoin platform.


KuCoin has traders coated on the trading side, tho’ you’re unlikely to search out a bot that may run on a full while you chill on a beach. You’ll be able to conclude why trading bots aren’t cash printers on Crypto trading Bots. Trading bots are a preferred assistant for traders with the knowledge to use them, permitting traders to avoid wasting time and energy while doubly increasing their profits as they will trade around the clock. These bots will facilitate cutting back repetitive work, and cut back traders ought to stare at screens all day. KuCoin’s bots will facilitate things like rebalancing a trading portfolio, following DCA ways and executing trades supported by pre-set parameters. However, you must first sign up on KuCoin if you are a new trader by following the above guide.