Who Else Wants Cream Rugs?

Who Else Wants Cream Rugs?

Interior decoration gets seriously amplified with flooring make-over. No, we are not talking about expansive tiles installation or granite work. You can revamp the look of your flooring within budget by simply laying a beautiful rug. When it comes to colors, cream rugs go well with all types of interior themes. Be it a minimalist bohemian theme or sleek modern design, these rugs in New Zealand have made their way into a huge number of houses.

Cream Rugs Are Available in Stunning Shapes

The best part of cream rugs is that there are a variety of shapes available:

  • Large Rectangle Rugs- Big rectangle rugs are perfect for spacious areas like big living rooms, family rooms, and even dining rooms. You can also place them under a king or queen-sized bed or a grand dining table.
  • Medium Rectangle Area Rugs- Medium rectangular rugs are just right for smaller living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, or under a dining table. A good rule is for the rug to cover most of the room but leave about 18 to 24 inches of space from the walls.
  • Oval Area Rugs- If you have a large hallway or entryway, oval rugs in New Zealand can be a terrific fit. They bring a unique touch to your decor. Oval rugs also work wonderfully under oval dining tables.
  • Oversized Area Rugs- Oversized rugs are the big ones, measuring 12 feet wide or more. They’re fantastic for very large rooms or open spaces, helping define different areas within the same room. You’ll find many patterns and designs in Safavieh’s oversized rug collection.
  • Round Area Rugs- Round rugs are extremely versatile. They look great under circular tables. It can make a big room look even grander. They are suitable for tiny spaces too.
  • Runner Area Rug- Runners are long, narrow rugs designed to decorate hallways. They can range from 5 to over 12 feet in length. They are perfect for hallways, entryways, or even at the foot of a bed.
  • Small Rectangle Rug- Small rectangle cream rugs add dimension and style to smaller living spaces. They’re perfect for family rooms, small dining areas, bedrooms, apartments, and lofts.
  • Square Area Rug- Square rugs offer a unique alternative to rectangular ones, especially for square rooms. They work well with square or circular tables and give a balanced symmetry.

Cream Rugs Are Available in Various Materials

Choosing the right rug is important for your room’s design. Here’s a brief overview of common materials for cream rugs:

  1. Wool- Ideal for high-traffic areas. Durable, soft, and resilient.
  2. Natural Fibers- Adds warmth and texture. Excellent for layering and work with various interior styles.
  3. Hair-On-Hide- Generally made from cowhide or sheepskin. Offers a modern rustic vibe. Highly suitable as accent rugs or for layering.
  4. Cotton- Soft and affordable. Best for areas with frequent rug changes, like entryways and kitchens. Easy to maintain and machine-washable.
  5. Synthetic Fiber- Mimics the look of natural fibers at a lower cost. Durable and stain-resistant. Suitable for high-traffic areas or seasonal use.
  6. Silk- Luxurious and delicate. Best for low-traffic areas like bedrooms. Available in traditional and modern designs.

When choosing a rug, consider the room, traffic level, size, presence of children or pets, and your budget. This will help you find the perfect rugs in New Zealand.

Buying Cream Rugs- A Quick Takeaway

A cream rug is a good choice for timeless style. Light-colored rugs, like white, cream, beige, and ivory, can make your room feel bigger and look chic. These rugs in New Zealand are versatile and go with both modern and traditional decor styles. Cream rugs complement any color scheme and add a touch of luxury. Light-colored rugs work well in low-traffic areas.

When buying one, consider the size, material, and stain resistance. The color of your rug should be lighter than your carpet to brighten the room. In small spaces, go for larger rugs to create a sense of space. Dark rugs make a room look smaller because they absorb light. Make sure your rug is at least a foot wider than your sofa on each side to ground the seating area. Common rug sizes include oversized, large, and small, depending on your room.

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Cream rugs are perfect flooring that enhances the overall interior aesthetic. No matter where you place it, it not only adds warmth to the place but also offers tactile support in slippery zones. Choosing the right size and material further helps you get the most out of the investment. Use your creative ideas to compliment the rug with other decorative elements and indoor plants to create a more symmetrical look. You can also visit Miss Amara’s exclusive collection of rugs in New Zealand to explore a variety of designs in the cream shade.