Corner kick bet with team playing 4-4-2 strategy

The strong attacking power of the 4-4-2 formation will bring many significant advantages to those who like to play corner kicks, especially over bets. Euro 2024 will see an explosion in attacks from many teams, and this strategy will certainly be used a lot.

This article by link Bet20 will explain in more detail how you can evaluate the situation of corner kicks when any team uses the above type of attack strategy.

1. How to understand the 4-4-2 strategy?

The 4-4-2 strategy is one of the most classic formations in football, consisting of four defenders, four midfielders, and two strikers. The strength of this strategy is the balance between attack and defense, as well as the ability to adapt to many types of opponents. In this formation, the wings are often used to extend the play, creating opportunities to attack from the sidelines and leading to corner situations.

In this formation, as long as the two wings are capable of creating breakthroughs and the two strikers are both players who like to play first, the corner kick has a very high chance of being successful. But on the contrary, if the two wingers prefer to deploy the ball into the middle and the two strikers only have the ability to shoot well, the chances may decrease a bit.

 2. General analysis direction

а.Carefully analyze wing play

In the 4-4-2 formation, wingers play an important role in creating opportunities from the flanks. Teams often use the wings to bring the ball inside and create crosses or breakthroughs, which can lead to corners. Betting over the total number of corners is often a reasonable choice when facing teams that are strong in boundary play. And vice versa, if they are not strong on the margin, other factors need to be carefully considered.

b. Analyze how your opponent plays

The opposing team also affects the number of corners. If the opponent plays a strong defensive style and frequently clears the ball out, this can create more corners. On the contrary, a team that is able to keep the ball well and gives the opponent little opportunity to attack can reduce the number of corners. The opponent’s defense plays a very important role in whether a betting strategy can be successful or not. Many full-backs have very good chopping moves, making them unable to attack the opponent’s wings. They can steal the ball from the opponent’s feet to counterattack without having to clear the ball away.

c. Pay close attention to statistics

Analyzing data and statistics from previous matches can provide insight into a team’s corner tendencies. Statistics on the number of times teams apply the 4-4-2 strategy to create corners can help bettors make more accurate decisions.

Particularly with corner kicks, statistics are especially important to help you clearly understand the team’s playing style in the past. It usually reflects the current situation quite well, especially the group stage matches before the start of the final round. See here that you can analyze and predict trends.

d. Required to view live bets

With this type of attacking football, you definitely have to watch live betting. Attacking play will create a very high level of fluctuation in the situation, and therefore, if you bet blindly, it is difficult to know in advance. At Euro 2024, you will need to watch the situation develop because the playing style of each country has differences, leading to significant changes in the situation in the first and second halves. It is possible that the first half corner will win immediately after minutes, but in the second half, when the teams cluster together and play closely, the corner odds will sometimes reverse.

In short, corner kicks with a 4-4-2 formation are often chosen by veteran players as a way to make good profits. In addition to the above factors, you will also need to rely on weather factors to make a decision.