Hilook Colorvu Lite Cameras Are Equipped With Advanced Technology

Overcoming the colour challenge

Many manufacturers recently have developed surveillance systems for capturing colour information when the light is low. One such innovator is Hikvision which has developed its ColorVu technology to overcome this issue. This technology allows your camera to capture videos including the colour information under different conditions such as extremely low lite environments.

Home security is a paramount concern for homeowners in the modern era, where technological advancements coexist with ever-evolving threats. A secure home provides not only physical safety but also peace of mind, allowing residents to go about their daily lives without the constant worry of potential intrusions. The concept of home security has undergone a substantial transformation in recent years, moving beyond traditional locks and keys to incorporate sophisticated technologies that offer comprehensive protection. Home security systems now include advanced monitoring and alert systems. Many security providers offer 24/7 professional monitoring services that keep a watchful eye on the property. In the event of a security breach or emergency, these services can promptly notify both homeowners and local authorities, ensuring a swift response.

This has been made possible because of advanced lens technology coupled with top-performing sensors. Hikvision offers these special cameras in a large variety with different feature. The Hilook colorvu lite cameras are the latest addition to its incredible surveillance cameras.

Importance of Video & Image Surveillance

Whether it is your business site or your home, safety is one of the primary concerns for every property. Crime rates around the world have been on the rise and criminals do their best to find one way or the other to break into your properties and get away with your valuables.

Fortunately, technological development and innovation in the last two decades have blessed us with numerous preventive measures which address security concerns effectively. One such innovation is surveillance cameras which have become an essential security device for every business and household.

Video surveillance acts in two ways. Crime researchers strongly believe that these deterrents prevent more than 50 % of crimes from occurring. Second, security cameras can provide unrefutable evidence when a crime is committed. A study conducted on convicted criminals proves that a majority of criminals are caught only because of clear evidence in the form of CCTV footage.

Effective Video & Image Surveillance

When it comes to video surveillance, several factors define its effectiveness. Such as the angle of rotation, pixel quality, colour quality, camera speed, data storage capacity, etc. One factor which is often ignored when installing surveillance cameras is the colour information.

Many cameras historically have only provided surveillance in black and white. This makes it extremely difficult to trace any perpetrators as the camera will not identify any colours he or she is wearing. However, the search for criminals and offenders can be made more effective if cameras record coloured videos.

Hilook colorvu lite
Hilook colorvu lite

For instance, the description of an eyewitness who describes the criminal as wearing a red jacket can be highly useful when mining through coloured surveillance videos. It will reduce the search time and make surveillance more effective.

Challenges of Video surveillance

Unfortunately, one of the challenges faced with video and image surveillance is that colour fidelity decreases as light intensity falls, and in most cases, colour information is completely discarded in case of low illumination.

Many security cameras resort to monochrome operations when the ambient light decreases. Even when additional light sources like infrared lamps are used, the images end up losing colour detail. The images will be clean and crisp, but because there is no colour information, all advantages will be lost. In many such cases, a colourful jacket will look if it’s grey.

The Answer 

The Hilook colorVu Lite cameras are equipped with an F1.0 super aperture and advanced sensors. Hilook claims that these cameras can capture four times more light than ordinary cameras. The sensors help in increasing the utilization of existing light. They have another incredible feature.

These modern and advanced security cameras by Hilook provide twenty-four seven colourful imaging and are available in lens sizes of 2.8 mm to 6.0 mm. They are available in two pixel qualities, 2 MP and 4 MP. The range of the smart light is 20 to 40 meters, depending on which camera you have bought.

Hilook boasts twenty-four-hour non-stop operation of its cameras.

cameras making them highly suitable for parking lots, shopping malls, and housing communities. Car parking can especially benefit from these cameras as they often have uneven or low lighting, these cameras can enable you to identify vehicles based on their colour. These advanced cameras can even allow you to capture the vehicle number plates.

Because Hilook ColorVu Lite cameras use smart lighting you won’t be needing additional lighting for capturing coloured images. Its advanced technology allows the generation of detailed imagery which makes it highly effective for both business and residential properties.